Saturday, January 16, 2010

Learning the Tarot - Tarot Combinations

In an earlier post, I suggested that learning one card at a time is the best way to become familiar with the tarot cards and their meanings. I recently read an article that leads me to believe that this may not be true.

(Honestly, when I began learning, I dove in, going through each card and its meaning, jotting down my thoughts. I did this in one sitting. I was eager to learn and did not want to wait. I then started doing daily readings of three cards and branched out.)

Learning the tarot two cards at a time will give you an understanding of the cards meanings and their connection with each other. It will also give a better overview of the day. As mentioned in the article, it can be confusing to someone just learning the tarot to pull meaning from a whole day within one card. The two card method should give you something more to connect with.

I'm going to push it one step further. A three card layout could work even better. I'm leaning toward suggesting adding positions, but perhaps you should wait a few weeks and then add some positions.

Each individual will adapt their own way of learning the tarot.

Good luck in your tarot journey! Share some lessons you've learned with us.

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