Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards

Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards
A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Tarot
Author: Sasha Fenton
Red Wheel/Weiser, 2017

Description: 224 page book

"Lay your future out before you with tarot cards. Once you know how to interpret them, you can understand yourself and others better and be able to accurately predict what’s going to happen in the future.”

Note: Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards by Sasha Fenton is a reprint of a 2002 version.

Fortune Telling by Tarot Cards is exactly what it says: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Tarot. There are many of these types of books out there, but some are better than others. For me, this one feels like one of the good ones.

After a short introduction, the book is divided into three parts.

Part One: Tarot and Fortune Telling

The author covers the History of Tarot and then Guidelines, Ritual, and Procedures. And then, you get some extra bits with chapters on the Arcanas and the Court Cards. It's not really what she shares but how she shares it that I enjoyed. In fact, the author's voice has a great deal to do with my enjoyment of this Beginner's Guide.

One of the areas covered in the Arcana chapter is the suits. The author shares a story she uses in her beginner workshops.

“You are fed up with your job. The job is unsatisfying … This is a Swords matter, as it shows something needs to be done.”

“Finally, you find the job you want. The pay is good… The practical side of this looks good, and practical matters are related to Coins.”
– The author uses Coins when referring to Pentacles.

The Court Card chapter makes it clear we all have trouble with their interpretations, and gives a few ways to attempt to interpret them, and then makes it clear how randomly these may work once, but not the next time.

“The Court cards usually give beginners a great deal of trouble, because there are no clear cut rules for reading them, and while many tarot experts have tried to lay down various rules none can really be relied upon.”

Part Two: Card Interpretation

The Major Arcana includes Card Title, Image, Keywords, Key Ideas, Upright Meanings, and Reversals. Some of the cards also include an Additional Suggestions Section.

(Note: Although the Waite Deck is used for illustrations, the author has put Justice in the No. 8 position, rather than the No. 11 position.)

The Star - "This card is truly the Star of hope, as it brings hope, faith, and optimism to any part of the spread that it touches."

The Minor Arcana is divided into chapters by Suit, and includes Card Title, Image, Keywords, Upright meanings, and Reversals. Again, some of these include an Additional Suggestion piece.

Six of Coins - "Sharing out money and resources."

The author ends this part with a chapter on Linking Cards. She goes over various methods to help link the cards to form a comprehensive reading.

Part Three: Reading the Cards

In Preparing Your Deck, the author gives methods for using Upright and Reversals in a reading. There are two chapters focused on Spreads - General and Focused. Other Areas covered include: Timing Events, Energies of the Cards (the Elements), and Failed Readings (the Why and useful alternatives). 

The book ends with a Quick Card Lookup, which includes Quick Clues to the Majors and the Minors and the Cards Categorized by Concept.

I highly recommend this book for beginners.

As a seasoned reader, I found both the information and the author's voice refreshing. I will be keeping this one on my shelf.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review: Claiming Your Power Through Astrology: A Spiritual Workbook

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology: A Spiritual Workbook
Author: Emily Klintworth
Schiffer Publishing, 2017

Description: 128 page Spiral-bound workbook

I’ve been trying to complete this workbook, so I could give a full review, but yet again I find myself in the world of Astrology and not enough time to do the exercises justice. I'm at the halfway point of the book. I'm jumping in to give you a quick review, so you can grab your copy and get started. That’s how sure I am that you are going to want this one.

“You are about to embark on a journey, one where you will be provided with the opportunity to step outside yourself – to view your life through the lens of the cosmos.”

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology gives you everything you need to help you to discover who you are, where you are going, and what you might expect to experience in this lifetime. You will need internet access to grab a copy of your Natal Chart Navigator. You may also need a copy machine if you wish to use the exercises more than one time. The rest is following along, step by step, and filling in the worksheets. It’s not a fast process, nor is it an easy road to follow. You will most likely need to reference the example exercises at the back of the book. All you have to put in is a little time and effort, but the results are amazing.

Section One - Exploring Your Natal Chart
As you read through the Chapters, you’ll learn about each topic and move into an exercise. The author guides you with clear instructions and examples at the back of the book. Remember to have patience as you move along. Sometimes, you may feel as if you are wandering around, a little lost, but keep following along. You end the first section with a nice little bow, pulling it all together and gaining a glimpse of the plans you made before you arrived here for you journey.

“Piece together all the information you have decoded in the previous exercises – gain the awareness needed to understand yourself through the cosmic perspective.”

Section Two - Aligning with The Cosmos
Each chapter brings more knowledge of the planets, their effect on your life, and the best way to align yourself for the best life possible. From relationships to life lessons, there’s much to learn in this section. I can’t wait to get started on this second section of the book. It’s sure to be an enlightening endeavor. Flipping to the back and final exercise, you’ll be producing an official Natal Chart, which looks to bring everything you’ve learned from beginning to end into one tidy chart.

Personally, this workbook has taken me to a level of astrology I wasn’t even aware of existed. Years ago, I signed up for a predictive astrology course, but to be honest it’s still sitting on my computer, pretty much untouched. I have to pick and choose where to put my energy and this one just never made it to the top of the list, although it continues to be on my list.

No one was there to hold my hand and guide me forward. With this workbook, the author is there by your side, easing you forward and walking you through step by step.

Grab your copy at Schiffer Publishing.

Learn more about Emily Klintworth and her mission “to provide easy do-it-yourself astrology books that empower and support you on your path” at

Enjoy your Spiritual Awakening!

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: Midlife is Not a Crisis

Midlife is Not a Crisis: Using Astrology to Thrive in the Second Half of Life
Author: Virginia Bell
Red Wheel/Weiser, 2017

Description: 264 page book

"Midlife Is Not a Crisis combines astrology, inspiration, and wisdom about aging to empower people to live more fully in the second half of life."

I absolutely love Astrology. But, I have to admit this is one of my interests which holds me to the sidelines. I've read quite a bit on the subject, but have yet to completely understand the system of it all.

Midlife is not a Crisis! I wish this book had arrived sooner. I'm nearing the end of my Midlife Cycle, which according to the author is from ages 37-45.

The book covers much more than the Midlife. After a brief introduction, Virginia Bell explains the six Cycles of our power years and gives an overview of astrology on the basis of the birth chart. You don't need to be an astrology genius to follow along, thank goodness.

The rest of the book is divided into chapters on each of the cycles. The author shares personal experiences and stories of public figures throughout the book.

Honestly, I've been trying to get through this book for a while now, but I haven't made it to the end. I've scanned over the pages in order to be able to offer this short review. I'm sure your wondering why? Is it that bad?

I keep halting in my reading to grab a copy of my natal chart to discover what the text meant for me. For example, "The sign and house where we have Saturn is where we are cautious, slow, and often stuck; it's an area that doesn't come naturally or easily. As a result, we have to work on it, which is why we often become proficient in that area." Could you read that and not go searching back through the initial Astrology Overview of the book with the information from your natal chart to find out what it means to you?

Astrology is astronomy brought down to earth and applied to the affairs of men. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I guess the most important thing I can tell you at this point, which the author voices in her own words, is:

You don't need any prior knowledge of astrology, but I have included an overview of the basics. It comes with a warning: astrology is seductive and can become addictive. You will enter a magical realm, one filled with mythology, archetypes, and stories that can capture your imagination, open your mind, and shake up your beliefs.


Grab your copy at Red Wheel Weiser.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Theme - Take Responsibility and Control

Well, I hope everyone made it out of those icky waters of the Six of Swords. It really wasn't as simple as I'd hoped it would be, moving through those issues, but we made it. And now, it's time to shake it off and take responsibility for what has passed and what is before each of us. It's time to take control of our lives.

June brings the Knight of Pentacles, an example of courage and faith in oneself. He has arrived after a long journey, and yet he and his horse remain strong and ready to work, ready to be everything he's meant to be.

"We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future."  ~ George Bernard Shaw

The bright yellow in this card makes me feel warm and confident of the progress we'll make in June. All we need to do is settle in and get to work. The type of work you engage in during June will depend on you, but for the most part, I'm guessing you know by now what's before you.

What is the one thing you keep avoiding? Improving your relationship, writing a novel, learning to paint, researching retirement, or even decluttering your house? And, if you're like me, there are probably multiple jobs before you. Just take it one step at a time and don't overwhelm yourself.

June presents an opportunity to practice the Five-Minute Rule. Sometimes it's hard to leave life behind in order to do what's really important to you. Try telling yourself that you only have to get five minutes of work done, that's all. You'll be amazed how many times after five minutes you'll be working away with no thought of time or those other duties and making progress on your real work. This is a great method to overcome procrastination.

"He is responsible, hardworking, uncomplaining." ~ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack

We faced our fears in April, moved forward in May, and now it's time to take responsibility and control of ourselves, to be our own truths. It's so easy to blame others for the wrongs of the past, and even the missteps of our day to day activities. But, we really are in charge of our own actions and responses. But, of course, we've all made it through this part of the journey during the last two months. The important thing is to stay here, right here and now, in the present.

"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility."  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Let us make the most of June and progress forward in our journey. Best wishes to you all.