Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: The Empath's Quest: Finding Your Destiny

The Empath's Quest: Finding Your Destiny
Author: Bety Comerford and Steve Wilson
Schiffer Publishing, 2016

Description: 112 page hardback book

"There's a method, a plan, a synchronicity to the universe that all falls into place when one understands how the plan works."

"Understanding the love and energy behind your destiny, acquainting yourself with your own personal timeline, releasing the geometry that moves you forward on that timeline, and knowing how it all works together will assist you to make better choices, to overcome the difficulties in life we all experience, and live the life you were meant to live.

The title, Finding Your Destiny, gives the reader false hope of finding a step by step method within the covers of this book. But, with that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I have a better understanding of the energies around us and the possibility of a timeline, a plan we set before birth.

"Everything that is described in this book has happened to one or both of us. Nothing is made up. The realizations, the lessons, the situations are those we have lived through in our own personal journeys."

The Empath's Quest: Finding Your Destiny is a creative non-fiction featuring Alex and three woman of differing experiences with spirituality and energy, along with extra inserts by the authors exploring the lessons further.

The journey begins on a plane and follows the group during a trip to Arizona. From the moment the engines start, Alex reveals realizations of past experiences and new lessons learned by the group.

With each of his revelations, a spark jumped within my soul. I have gained a better understanding of my own experiences. I often feel the need to block the energies swirling about me, but after reading this, I now understanding it is better to manage the chaos and learn lessons from the experience.

Throughout the book, the authors share more knowledge on the lessons revealed by Alex, such as the Higher Aspect of Manifestation, the Higher Aspect of each element - air, fire, water, earth, energetic exposure, Surrendering to Your Timeline, and more.

"You know you've reached the higher energy when things in fold without effort on your part."

I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about energies, manifestation, and your destined path. No matter where you are in your own journey, you will find something here to help you move through your day, through your life.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Theme - Strive Toward Success

Today's Journey Tarot

As we step into March, we find ourselves filled with ideas and hopes of finding success. You may have decided to try something new this month, take a class, write a poem, or maybe you are nearing the end of a long project. The Six of Wands (Fire) brings with it the energy of likely success. No matter where you direct your energy the possibility for success is high this month.

Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out. ~ Robert Collier

In the Rider Waite Tarot version, a man celebrates his victory with pride, while a crowd cheers him in his accomplishments. In the Today's Journey Tarot version, a runner is supported by a crowd, urging her toward the finish line.
Rider-Waite Tarot

Some see the Six of Wands as the card of Success, but notice the runner has not yet made it to the finish line. The rider may not be returning, but headed out to begin his journey. 

The Six of Wands is more of beginning, of continuing, than it is of completion. You've set upon the right direction, but there is work to do to actually arrive at success.

Think of the young scholar on his graduation day. Yes, he's achieved success and is recognized for his accomplishments, but this is only the beginning of a long journey set toward a larger success, a larger recognition.

Action is the foundational key to all success. ~ Pablo Picasso

So, as we step into this new month, expect success in your tasks and goals, but remember you must put in the work and sweat to make it to the finish line. Raise your arms in victory at each small breakthrough, but then gather your energies for the next step, and then the next.

Good luck in your journey.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Review: Today's Journey Tarot - A Traveler's Guide

Today's Journey Tarot: A Traveler's Guide
Author: Expanding Dimensions
Expanding Dimensions, 2013

Description: 183 page companion book

"Open yourself to the Tarot and allow it to be your guide on Today's Journey."

The Today's Journey Tarot was published in 2011. My review of the deck appeared in October. Years later, the authors decided to create an expanded companion book. I received a complimentary copy in 2014, but never got around to reviewing it. So, here it is, my review of Today's Journey Tarot: A Traveler's Guide.

Today's Journey Tarot: A Traveler's Guide takes this updated version of the Tarot to a new level. While the little white book included with the deck gives you plenty to get you started, the Traveler's Guide gives you a more in-depth journey.

Key 0 Beginning - The simplest action can lead to the most profound discovery.

The bulk of the guide gives detailed explanations of each card, giving equal attention to both the Keys (Major Arcana), and the Minor Arcana. The card sections include a black and white card image, followed by the card Name, a short phrase of wisdom and its primary concepts (keywords). The authors give a detailed description of the card and a commentary on the card's meaning, colors and symbols. A suggested interpretation is given, followed by a meditation statement, and a daily reading phrase.

The rest of the guide is divided into sections on spreads, answered question on the Tarot, a Tarot Reader Code of Ethics, Meditation, and Numbers, Colors, and Symbols. The guide closes with biographies of the members of Expanding Dimensions.

Key 21 Completion - Every ending is a new beginning.

A Traveler's Guide is a great addition to the Today's Journey Tarot deck. I recommend it to anyone who loves this deck and wants to explore it a little deeper from the viewpoint of its authors. If you are just getting around to grabbing this deck, I suggest the purchase of the companion book. It will be a great tool to get you started and further explore your journey.

Grab your copy at Amazon.

Further explore the Deck and its Authors at Today's Journey Tarot.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Tarot by Design Workbook

Tarot by Design Workbook
Author: Diana Heyne
Red Wheel/Weiser, 2017

Description: 176 page coloring/workbook

"Color and Learn Your Way into the Cards"

Adult Coloring books have become a huge trend over the last few years. I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone to see one set to the theme of the Tarot. But, Tarot by Design is much more than a coloring book, and it's not just for adults. The Tarot by Design Workbook is designed for anyone interested in the Tarot, whether beginner or novice.

"Geared toward an enjoyable and intuitive understanding of the basic meanings of the tarot through coloring, brief word prompts and short rhythmic phrases, Tarot by Design Workbook aims to make the foundational learning of tarot a pleasurable task for beginners and others who would like to deepen their connection with the symbolic images."

Tarot by Design features original color-in images of all 78 Tarot cards, each accompanied by a unique learning page. The learning page contains the card title, keywords for upright and reversal meanings, and a section for your own notes and personal doodling's. For the Major Arcana cards, the page also contains a short phrase to help in the learning process. At the end of the book, there are ten blank pages for your own personal journaling or collaging, with a framework art piece provided.

Keywords: "Disaster, Calamity, Emotional Upheaval, Disruption, Sudden Change"

Reversal: "Fear of Change, Lies, Imprisonment, Narrow Avoidance of Disaster"

Phrase: "A storm came out of nowhere and tore our stronghold down, in fear & lamentation we tumbled to the ground..."

Keywords: "Happiness, Wishes Fulfilled, Comfort, Luxury, Satisfaction, Getting What One Wants"

Reversal: "Dissatisfaction, Greed, Materialism, Poor Lifestyle Choices"

Blank pages for your own personal journaling provide a creative area to do readings, focus on a single card, or even design your own version of a particular card.

"Unlock the mystery and magic, secrets and symbolism of the Tarot through this informative, yet fun teaching tool that engages both intuition and intellect."

I recommend the Tarot by Design Workbook to anyone who enjoys coloring and has an interest in the Tarot. I can't wait to get some color on these pages. What fun!

"Don't feel bound by any set of rules for making your color choices."

I would like to add to the author's words stated above. Don't feel bound by any rules at all. Have fun and play with this workbook. Allow your intuition to flow as you set upon this wonderful journey. If something pops into your head as you color, write it down, sketch it out. You will find a new world of possibilities within the pages of this workbook.

Grab your copy at Red Wheel Weiser.

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