Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Review: The Avalonian Oracle

The Avalonian Oracle
Author: Jhenah Telyndru
Illustrator: Emily Brunner
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 2016

Description: 46 Cards and a 128 page guidebook in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closure.

Card Size: 3 3/8 x 5 1/8

“Woven from threads of Welsh mythos, British legend, and Celtic Druidism, The Avalonian Oracle is a transformational journey through the sacred landscapes of Britain and a gateway to the Holy Island of Avalon.”

“The Avalonian Oracle is comprised of seven card divisions representing different phases of the spiritual journey and echoing the seven circuits of the walkable, three-dimensional labyrinth carved into the slopes of Glastonbury Tor.”

I have little experience in the area of the Celtic and the ways of Avalon, of which this deck is based, but the guidebook seems to cover anything you may need to use this deck.

The guidebook covers:
• An Introduction covers how the deck can be used, its structure, the seven divisions, and touches upon sight and synchronicity.

• Chapter 1-7 explains each division and its cards, including card description, keywords, quest, divinatory meaning, and affirmation.

• Chapter 8 presents seven spreads designed for The Avalonian Oracle

The deck is beautiful and includes card titles.

The Five Seeds of Wisdom - "The stages of the Priestess Journey here, depicted as the Pathway to Avalon, is a reflection of the unfolding of the soul's inner wisdom - the seeds that lie in the heart of the apple, the very fruit of that wisdom. We begin the process by Calling the Barge, by speaking our need and intention to the Universe, that we seek to arrive on the shores of Avalon - the Island of Healing and Wholeness."

The Calling the Barge guides you to embrace your true needs, to ask the universe to assist you in your journey, and to step forth onto the path.

The Nine Morgens - "Nine sisters rule there by right of birth over those who come to them from our lands."

The Lorekeeper guides you toward creation. She urges you to release the past and be present.

"The page, the canvas, the ground, the present - all are blank and filled with potential."

The time to create is now, pick your materials and create your future.

“The Thirteen Moons of Avalon is a system for deepening our connection with the yearly cycle by harnessing lunar energies to assist us in our understanding of our inner process.”

The Moon of Distillation represents the First Full Moon when the Sun is in Sagittarius and is associated with the herb Yarrow.

The Moon of Distillation guides you to allow change to take place in your life, to push toward your goals past all obstacles, embrace the wisdom gained in your journey, and to relinquish expectations of the outcomes, for the path shall change as you move forward.

Although these cards were picked randomly with my focus mainly on the images, an important message appears here within these three cards. A message which speaks directly to me, and I'm guess to a few of my readers.

Embrace your true path, allow your creativity to flow with no boundaries, and allow for necessary change to occur as you navigate toward your true goals.

If you're looking for another divination tool, a way to gain access to hidden pathways, or to learn more of the Avalonian Tradition, you'll find yourself delighted with the Avalonian Oracle.

I believe this deck would also make a wonderful meditative tool. Can you imagine stepping into the Calling the Barge card?

Grab your copy at Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing.)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Tarot Unlocking the Arcana

Tarot Unlocking the Arcana
Author: Angelo Nasios
239-pages - Hard Cover Book
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 2016

A new voice and perspective on Tarot: Angelo Nasios shares his accumulated knowledge in Tarot Unlocking the Arcana.

At 239 pages, this nice hardcover book covers a lot of information.

The book begins with a preface, an introduction, and a summary of the book’s section. In brief, what you will discover within this book is:

  1. An introduction to the Tarot – an explanation of what makes up the Tarot deck, the purpose of the Tarot, myths, ideas on how it works, and suggestions to picking your deck.
  2. How to get started with the Tarot – covers all the basics including wording and activating your question, a short overview of all the cards, reading reversal with examples, and more. 
  3. Attributions to the Tarot – including astrology, elements, and numerology.
  4. Tarot History, Religion, and Philosophy
  5. Tarot Spreads – a collection of 20 spreads, including the popular Celtic Cross
  6. Sample Readings – predictions of past news and media topics
  7. Tarot Education and Taboos
  8. The Minor Arcana – description, symbolism and meaning, and in the reading meaning
  9. The Court Cards – elemental and astrology associations, along with description, symbolism and meaning, and in the reading meaning
  10. The Major Arcana – an overview of each card and the in the reading meaning

Overall, this is a great book for beginners. It could also supply experienced readers with a fresh perspective of the Tarot.

Grab your copy at Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing.)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Diving Deep - Gaia's Vision Oracle

A few weeks ago, I posted a review of Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards. To demonstrate the magical qualities of this deck, I decided to post a sample reading for you.

Question: How can I become more in tune with life and experience a more relaxed, productive creative life?

My first impressions of the card:

The collage of many different flowers forming a larger flower made me think, "Stop and smell the roses." Allow yourself to be in the present.

A face peers out from beneath the foliage, appearing demon-like. Dig deep, uncover your demons and abolish them.

The white light radiates outward. Allow your light to shine, to rise to the surface.

A bird stirs within the center of the large flower. Soar to your greatest heights.

Message Received: Allow yourself to be present. Don't be afraid to face your demons. Soar into greatness.

The companion book gives this card the keyword, Contemplation. It suggests looking within and examining the pieces from all angles. Take the time to examine the situation before taking action.

Overview: To be more in tune with life and relaxed within my creativity, I need to take a moment to look within. Face my demons; examine them from every angle before abolishment. But, most important, be present in my daily life and allow my natural light to radiate.

The best part about Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards is the Kaleidoscope style. With each reading, and with each reader, the images seen will vary. While I saw the demon in the foliage and the bird in the center, another time, I may not see these images, therefore changing the message of the card. Another reader or viewer may be blind to the two images I saw during this reading. You will see what needs to be seen.

Have a blessed week!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards
Authors: Doris Diamond & Susan Starr
Photographic Art by Doris Diamond
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd, 2016

Description: 40 cards and a 24 page guidebook in a sturdy cardboard box, with magnetic closure.

Card size: about 3.5 by 5 inches.

The Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards took me back to my childhood, to time spent gazing through a Kaleidoscope. The artist layered nature photos and created images of magical scenes. With this deck, all you need are the cards and your own imagination to dip in and receive guidance from the Earth Mother, Gaia.

The guidebook is slim, but it covers all you need for this deck. The Introduction covers how to use the cards and shares thoughts on the creation of the cards and their meanings. Possible meanings for each card are covered in the bulk of the book. The Appendix offers suggested questions and nine sample themed spreads.

Above, in the lower right corner, you see Sparkleburst.

My mind screams 'Fireworks'. A burst of energy emerges from the card. Things are about to happen quickly. I get the sense of chaos with purpose. There's no time to prepare at this point. Allow the sudden energy to guide you to the final destination.

The guidebook gives this card the keyword, Emergence.

Your awareness opens to an alternate universe. Your passions ignite, awakening within you. With so much activity, it's not surprising your light will shine upon those around you.

In the lower left, you see Regal Strut.

You are in your element. Confidence radiates out from your body. Each feather represents an admirable trait, a gift, a talent.

The guidebook gives the card the keyword, Pride.

In working with this deck, I found the selected card brought new insight into the situation of the moment.

As a divination tool, I personally wouldn't choose this deck.

I recommend this deck as a guidance tool to further reflect on what's going on in your life. They would make nice daily prompts for your journal. They could also bring guidance and a clear view to the situation at hand, allowing you to see it from a slightly different perspective.

Gain guidance from Earth Mother, Gaia. Grab your copy from Schiffer Publishing.

(Review Product supplied by Schiffer Publishing.)