Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's your Zodiac Card

Your Zodiac Card is determined by your Sun sign. If you don't know your sun sign, go to any horoscope listing and determine your sign. Below you will find a chart to match up your sun sign with the correct card.

You can learn more about yourself through this card, which indicates what you need to reveal yourself to others.

Ask yourself, what can I learn from this card? Do you feel the card connects with how you act with others? Is there any way you can use the energies of the cards to better present yourself to the people around you?

My Zodiac Card - Temperance - Reveals to me that I am a giver, seeking a balance of give and take. I have a special connection with the spiritual realm of life. By grasping these energies and using them to help others, I will find a happy balance in my life.

Basically, I give in the hope of receiving, which opens me up to a letdown when nothing is returned. The balance here can be made by accepting that receiving is more about energy rather than recognition.

By giving a piece of yourself to others, you will find that the gifts are pure positive energies.

So, what Zodiac Card are you? What can you learn from the card?

Note: The names of these cards may change according to the deck you are using. In the case of Strength and Justice, the number will be determined by the deck.

Aries, 4 The Emperor
Taurus, 5 The Hierophant
Gemini, 6 The Lovers
Cancer, 7 The Chariot
Leo, 11/8 Strength
Virgo, 9 The Hermit
Libra, 8/11 Justice
Scorpio, 13 Death
Sagittarius, 14 Temperance
Capricorn, 15 The Devil
Aquarius, 17 The Star
Pisces, 18 The Moon


Inner Whispers said...

Hi Cher,

I really like your take on the balance between giving and receiving, and the idea that receiving may be on a more subtle level. My Zodiac card is the Lovers, and it's certainly true that choices figure strongly in my life...

Thanks for sharing.

Cher Green said...

Cx, Thanks for stopping by. I didn't have this idea until I studied the tarot card and it was revealed. There's so much we can get out of the cards. It's really amazing.

the egyptian knight said...

could we become friends
kind regards

Cher Green said...

Egyptian knight, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the article.