Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Today's question comes from Patsy.

A former M.D. in her home country, Patsy wishes to know if she should take exams to become a certified M.D.

Should I attempt to get my M.D. license? Is this the correct road for me?

Deck: Legacy of the Divine
Spread: 3 Card - No Positions

Legacy of the Divine

The 3 of Wands reversed represents a dream out of reach. There are multiple reasons why this could be so: unrealistic dream, lack of energy to follow through, goals set to high, and fear of pursuing dream.

The 5 of Coins represents feeling left out in the cold, having financial strain, and/or not putting your talents to good use.

The 9 of Cups is the wish card. It is a card of dreams fulfilled. This card represents contentment, and success in your life.

Overall reading: You should definitely try to get your license, but I feel the cards are trying to say something concerning this attempt. You feel as if you've failed, because you are not able to use your talents. I get a deep feeling of being lost and not knowing how to fix the problem. I also see the actual exams being a larger goal, which needs to be broken down into mini-goals. Are there preparations you need to take before attempting this final task toward your dreams? Are there differences between your home country and your new residence which makes the exams harder for you to prepare for? Perhaps a language difference makes it more difficult? This is a dream that you can make come true, but I see a lot of work for you to get there, you will need a lot of energy.

The most important things: You must make the choice to go after this dream. You should break the final goal into mini goals. Getting your license is going to be a big task to accomplish, but I see you are capable. Take your time, set small goals, and take baby steps toward your dream.

Patsy, we appreciate you sharing your questions. I hope the reading helps you move toward your dreams.

Best wishes,

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