Sunday, June 12, 2011

KISS - Keep It Simple, Silly

Why do we go out of our way to make things complicated? Life doesn't have to be complicated, and neither does the tarot. On past posts, I’ve suggested looking into symbolism, numerology, and elemental values. I still believe you can find extra meanings in the cards with these sources, but don’t let them complicate your card meanings and make reading the tarot a chore rather than an enjoyable journey.

The whole point of reading the tarot is to find a better understanding of life and yourself. Yes, some read for others, but the focus should start on you and then expand later, when you feel more comfortable with yourself and your cards.

Doug of Tarot Eon gives a little reminder of the simplicity of reading the tarot in his blog post: What Everyone Ought to Know about Doing Great Tarot Readings.

To do a great tarot reading, one does not have to find hidden meanings within the cards. The cards speak for themselves. Adjusting to question and spread is a technique which will come with experience.

For example, let’s take one question and two cards and see how simple a reading can be.

Question: Where does my focus need to be at this time in my life?

Cards drawn: 17 The Star and Knight of Coins

The Star is a very positive card, one of hope and protection.

The Knight of Coins is a card of progress, results in material form.

The Knight suggests the platform is in place for me to move forward and get results. The Star suggests I follow my intuition and there is a safety net in place.

So, where does my focus need to be? On whatever I desire to accomplish. In my case, this is referring to my writing career. I need to quit procrastinating and learn to go with the flow. I’ve made great progress throughout this year, but lately I’ve fallen into a rut. It’s time to pull myself out and get moving forward. This is the time to succeed.

What do you think, simple? Feel free to share your thoughts on this post, and making tarot simple.

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