Thursday, April 12, 2012

How often should you get a tarot reading?

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An important issue to realize about tarot readings is they are tools for guidance. One should not rely on the cards to direct them in their life every day, or every week for that matter. Once you have a tarot reading done, it is important to let events play out and to work toward your desired outcome.

But, how often should you get a reading?

As a reader, I suggest no more than one in a thirty day period. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule. Let's look at some scenarios.

General readings show a little of the past, the present, and a look into the future. After such a reading, you could follow up a month later. But, a better option is to wait as events play out. If you wish to alter the predicted outcome, you should work toward the goal you seek. If more guidance is needed, feel free to seek it. The important thing is to know you are in control not the cards.

A number of spreads forecast up to three month, six month and even a year. After such a reading, you could easily wait the forecast time before consulting the cards again. Similar to the above situation, you control the path. So, if you get a reading showing an outcome 5 months from the date of the reading and feel a need to alter this outcome, you may consult again three months later to see if the outlook is better for your situation.

Of course, there are also tarot readings, where you consult about a very specific question. You should not repeat this question over and over again, wait at least thirty days. But, if another area of guidance is needed, feel free to consult the cards with the new question.

The final answer to how often you should get a tarot reading is up to the individual. The main thing is to not to become dependent on their guidance. Your life is under your control, and you should experience it, rather than dictate it's every curve and pot hole. Enjoy yourself, and only use the tarot to guide you toward the brightest star available to you.

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