Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 - The Tarot Year of The Lovers

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
According to the wonderful world of numerology, this year, 2013, is a number 6 year. Reflecting this with the tarot, we enter the year of The Lovers.

What does this mean on the world as a whole?

In my opinion, we'll find many qualities of this card running through the events in the year to come.

What are the qualities of The Lovers?

The first focus of this card is relationships. As you move deeper, it becomes more about the decisions and choices we make with our relationships. In a broad picture, you would find relationships extend much further than your family, your lover, and your neighbors.

If someone's decision affects you, in a way you are in a relationship with that person to some extent.

I feel the government will play a major role in the year to come. There will be much talk, agreements, and disagreements. It will affect us as a whole. But, really, this goes without saying. We are already seeing this from our leaders. The thrashing and bashing, but hopefully the effects of The Lovers will bring them all together for the better good of humanity.

I also feel our connections with a higher source will come to play a major role this year. As we reach for closeness as a unit, the people of this world will become stronger and more compassionate. We are already experiencing a coming together through the spiritual realm. This year will bring more connection as our energies extend and others begin to feel the love from the spiritual world.

This is not to make light of personal relationships. The way you react to your close relations will affect your coming days. Every decision will set you toward a course for the days throughout the year. Be compassionate in your relationships and never forget the other person's story may go much deeper than you are even aware of. Don't judge on face value, learn to love and respect each and every one of the Higher Power's children.

This is a year to take pause and think before reacting. Choose the best decision or direction for you and for the ones you love. May grace follow each of us throughout the year and help us to choose wisely.

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