Monday, March 24, 2014

Jumping Into Spring

Ellen over at Greylady's Hearth presented a Rebirth Spread last week, which she discovered from Chloe of Inner Whispers. I recommend both blogs for your reading pleasure.

As we move out of Winter into Spring, it seems only natural for us to go through a re-birthing of sorts. Shedding the coats, we jump head first into Spring.

Here is a spread to discover what awaits you on the other side of your rebirth.

1)What darkness am I leaving behind?
2)What new hope is approaching?
3)What can help me find my bearings at this time?

Here's what I discovered about my own re-birthing:

1)What darkness am I leaving behind? The Page of Wands is the messenger of creativity and inspiration. I see this card's appearance as a sign of the arrival of this messenger. The darkness has draped over me, clouding my creative senses. The time has passed. The Page will lead me forward, out of the darkness.

2)What new hope is approaching? The High Priestess sits upon her throne waiting at the doorway to the higher realm. All who arrive shall be allowed to pass, but one must have the desire to go beyond this doorway. My new hope will come from my inner and higher self. All I need to do is allow the connection to be.

3)What can help me find my bearings at this time? I LOVE this card. The 3 of Pentacles is all about using your skills and knowledge to create. This is the ultimate ARTIST card. The lesson within this card is practice makes perfect, use your talents to create anything you wish. Getting more involved with my work and creations will help me in my journey at this time.

Overview - Follow your creative inspiration, listen to you inner voice, and get to work on your creative projects.


Ellen said...

This just as well could be an encouraging reading for me:D
It is great how you've drawn in such a relatively small spread, all those creative inspiring cards.
Listening to my inner voice was my embrace card for this month. It is still very difficult for me.

Cher Green said...

I've always liked small spreads. They can really say a lot. Listening to the inner voice can be hard, especially when it's competing with the louder voice of doubt.