Monday, June 16, 2014

Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris - My First Reading

For this week's forecast, I've used the Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris, charms based on the Lenormand card symbols. This is my first official reading using these charms. I figured using a calendar for the cast would be a good beginning.  

I shuffled the charms by shifting them from hand to hand. When ready, I tossed them onto the calendar. Then, I removed the charms not touching the days of the coming week. Any charms at least halfway over the lines, I pulled into the squares.  

An important note: When using the Lenormand for daily or weekly forecasts, it is important to keep things simple, use basic keywords and keep the predictions, well simple. The Lenormand tends to pull up mundane aspects in these short readings. But what can be expected, right? Not every day is earth-shattering.
Let’s look at the week ahead.

For the 16th of June, nothing fell into or near the square. I decided the Moon falling into the 15th would go on to influence the beginning of the week.

Moon - recognition, creative success, and moon cycles

Sunday, you find yourself in the clutches of creativity, which will likely spill over into Monday. A certain amount of recognition will come from your current project or success in relation to the project. This may simply be a friend admiring your work, or a higher honor of recognition. 

Tree – health, growth, and grounding
Clover – luck

Tuesday, you become grounded. You feel comfortable and in tune with the world around you, with nature. A little bit of luck arises from this steady feeling. You may find a good bargain, a nice bit of advice, or even a penny on the ground. Keep your eyes and mind open today, while staying grounded.

Garden – social groups, outdoor activities
Whip – disputes, intense conversations

Wednesday, you find yourself in a group. This may be due to your environment, or you could be in a group activity of sorts. No matter the situation, you will be around others. Conversation is a given, but the intensity will vary from person to person. Be careful to keep the heat level down to avoid major conflicts.

Sun – Success, happiness, and sunshine
Child – new, innocence, beginnings

Thursday, you find a new source of happiness, a breakthrough occurs in your project, or you might just go for a walk in the warm morning sun. The main thing here is it should be a happy, happy day. Enjoy!

Bear – strength, protection, mother figure
Cross – burdens, pain, a lesson to be learned

Friday, you find strength from a painful episode. A lesson is to be learned from any challenge one faces. On this day, that lesson will be learned. You will understand and be ready for the next step.

Fish – money, many, a school of things

Saturday, you will have a mixture of activity going on. Be prepared to spend a little money, but overall just expect things to be a busy.

Mountain – obstacles, blocks
Stork – change, movement

Sunday, you find yourself climbing the mountain that has blocked your way in the past. The obstacle shifts, or you find a solution. Expect to move forward today.

Quick overview of the week: Overall this week should bring lots of movement forward. Sunday you find some success and recognition and by Tuesday you feel grounded and might even get a little surprise. Wednesday holds a little caution, but there’s growth in healthy conflicts. And Thursday you can do a little ‘happy’ dance. You made it through Wednesday with not much problem at all. Friday might be a little icky, but what the heck, take the licks and jump back into gear. The weekend’s going to be fun and exciting as you get into gear for all that activity and the sudden breakthrough. Hope the block you push past leads you to a wonderful door with a nice surprise behind it.

As with all readings for a large group, this reading may affect many of the readers or it may only affect a few. I’d love to hear from all of you on how your week turns out. It should be interesting to see how this reading works out. As you all know, I’m still feeling around with these Lenormand readings.


Ellen said...

I think you've done a excellent job combining these symbols to little readings for each day of the week. I envy your skills (just feel around Ha ha)I can combine the cards now pretty well but I find it still difficult to weave them in cohesive stories.
With tarot you have more visual clues help you find meaning.
Reading these kind of posts are surely helpful and very inpsiring for me

Cher Green said...

Ellen, Thank you. I'm glad you find them helpful. I do agree, Tarot is much easier to weave than the Lenormand. So much more to play with. :)