Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak
Author: Debra Landwehr Engle
Hampton Roads Publishing Company

"...a major problem in all our lives: we keep looking to other people for answers, which may give us a quick fix but eventually leaves us disappointed, frustrated, and seeking once again."
"...So, if that's the problem, what's the solution?
Turning inward and asking for the guidance that's designed specifically for you."

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak provides guidance into understanding and listening to your spirit guides. The author alternates between her own words and words received from her spirit guide, Ella.

Engle shares some of her experiences with her Spirit Guides. These alone, for me, made the book worth the read.

One of my favorite stories involved her guide answering a mundane question with a single word. How many times have you asked yourself a question, only to receive a simple, straightforward answer a moment later? Sometimes this arrives by words within your own mind. But isn't it exciting when it comes from an outside source, such as words in a song or voices on the television? These wondrous events are very likely offered by your spirit guide or some other higher source.

My other favorite story was of the Lady in the Blue Dress. Engle shares her experience of meeting a higher version of herself. I found the whole concept to be fascinating, although I haven't had much luck creating such an experience of my own. But, I'll keep trying.

Engle offers suggestions and advice for communication with your own spirit guides. I personally didn't find anything new in this part of the book.

She goes over such advice as:
  • Ask for a close parking space to ease into communications.
  • Use the technique of auto-writing to connect.
  • Your spirit guide will always be positive, never negative.
These are all things, I've read in most Spirit Guide books.

Engle poses questions to her spirit guide and then transcribes her responses. For me, the transcriptions seemed slightly stilted. But, one can't control the words offered by your spirit guide. Of course, that's not to say there wasn't wisdom within this part of the text.

"Your purpose and identity are not your job or where you live or what you own. Your purpose and identity are to extend divine love. You do these things in a way that's different from everyone around you because you have unique skills and abilities. But in the end, your purpose is love. Hey, that's our purpose too! Let's work together, and we can extend it faster and more effectively. We respect and admire you, and we are honored to call you our friend."

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak offers a nice introductory into communicating with your Spirit Guide.

I would recommend this book to anyone just getting started with connecting with their Spirit Guide. But, I'd also recommend it to someone already experienced, but looking for a light read and enjoys hearing of others experiences with their Spirit Guide.

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Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I'm working on this every single day. Hi Cher!

Cher Green said...

Joylene, Good luck. Spirit Guides are a great help in growing as an individual and navigating this crazy world.