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Review: Today's Journey Tarot - A Traveler's Guide

Today's Journey Tarot: A Traveler's Guide
Author: Expanding Dimensions
Expanding Dimensions, 2013

Description: 183 page companion book

"Open yourself to the Tarot and allow it to be your guide on Today's Journey."

The Today's Journey Tarot was published in 2011. My review of the deck appeared in October. Years later, the authors decided to create an expanded companion book. I received a complimentary copy in 2014, but never got around to reviewing it. So, here it is, my review of Today's Journey Tarot: A Traveler's Guide.

Today's Journey Tarot: A Traveler's Guide takes this updated version of the Tarot to a new level. While the little white book included with the deck gives you plenty to get you started, the Traveler's Guide gives you a more in-depth journey.

Key 0 Beginning - The simplest action can lead to the most profound discovery.

The bulk of the guide gives detailed explanations of each card, giving equal attention to both the Keys (Major Arcana), and the Minor Arcana. The card sections include a black and white card image, followed by the card Name, a short phrase of wisdom and its primary concepts (keywords). The authors give a detailed description of the card and a commentary on the card's meaning, colors and symbols. A suggested interpretation is given, followed by a meditation statement, and a daily reading phrase.

The rest of the guide is divided into sections on spreads, answered question on the Tarot, a Tarot Reader Code of Ethics, Meditation, and Numbers, Colors, and Symbols. The guide closes with biographies of the members of Expanding Dimensions.

Key 21 Completion - Every ending is a new beginning.

A Traveler's Guide is a great addition to the Today's Journey Tarot deck. I recommend it to anyone who loves this deck and wants to explore it a little deeper from the viewpoint of its authors. If you are just getting around to grabbing this deck, I suggest the purchase of the companion book. It will be a great tool to get you started and further explore your journey.

Grab your copy at Amazon.

Further explore the Deck and its Authors at Today's Journey Tarot.

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