Monday, October 8, 2018

Guidance for October - Build the Life You Want

Everyday Witch  Tarot
by Deborah Blake
I'm very excited to be using my new deck, the Everyday Witch Tarot, this month. I had a reading done by Kate over at the Daily Tarot Girl in August. She used this deck and I fell in love with the cards.

I didn't make the purchase immediately. I took the time to ask myself if I really needed another Tarot deck. I considered the idea that it was merely infatuation and not true love. But finally, I decided I felt strong enough about the deck to add it to my collection. When they arrived and I held them in my hands, I knew I'd made the right choice.

As with any new deck, I spent some time shuffling and separating the cards. I handled them enough to move the energy through them and me. I did a few readings to ensure we were connected properly. And then, I asked for guidance for October.

How should we approach it? What can we expect?

Please note: The reading was done on October 1st. I'm late in getting it ready for the blog due to lack of motivation/energy. I had the time, but just couldn't make myself do the work of transcribing my notes and preparing the post. I'm sorry. The first card indicates the mood that left me unmotivated this week. And if you all felt this way, you'll understand the delay. I'm still feeling a little blah, but I know if I wait much longer this posting will have no meaning to anyone, so here we go.

As we enter the month, we may find ourselves feeling wiped out and in need of some rest and recuperation. You may find yourself running at full speed, yet getting nowhere at all. Pause for a moment if you can: regroup, evaluate your goals, ask yourself where you really want to go and decide on steps to take to get there.

As you become focused on what's important it is clear that success and material wealth will be a big thing for you. This may be of your own earning or the successes of the king in your life. Either way, it's important not to lose sight of joy. You can have it all but if it's not fun, what's the point?

Notice the green fields outside the window of the Three of Pentacles, directly relating back to the King, who's enjoying the fruits of his labor. The male figure in the Three of Pentacles could very well be the King, putting in his day of work.

It's important to not waste too much time thinking on what you don't have. You've put in a lot of work to get to where you are and a lot has been achieved. It's time to recognize the work you've put in and to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. But, don't forget to keep on working, for there's more to do.

So, take a few days to rest in October, but don't stay in that mode too long. Take the time to appreciate your achievements and life itself. And then, get back to work.

Happy October!

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