Monday, January 17, 2011

The Fool’s Journey - The Emperor

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Continuance of The Fool's Journey - The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress

The path came to an end and the Fool found himself stepping into a world unknown to him. Buildings rose from the earth’s floor and people scurried about. In the center of all the chaos a structure stood unlike the others. A red carpet lined the steps and disappeared within.

The Fool pulled heavy doors open and entered the building. The red carpet flowed over glass floors and led to a man holding a gold staff. Columns surrounded the man, who dressed in gold clothing. An image of a large ram filled the wall behind. The Fool, unsure of rather he should be within the walls, took a step back.

“No, come forward,” The man bellowed.

The Fool stepped forward, unsure of what else to do. He knelt before the man as if it were natural, but in truth he’d never bowed down to anyone.

“That’s right son. Respect your father.”

The Fool looked up and spoke sharply. “You are not my father.”

“Yes, boy, I am the father of all you saw on your journey here. I am the ruler and controller of the land and the people.”

“There is no such thing. People are free-willed and we need no ruler.”

“Oh, but you do. Without rules there would be chaos. Society would crumble without my guidance.” The man stepped forward, motioning for the Fool to rise. “No more protesting. You have come here to learn, and I shall teach you.”

The man told the Fool what was expected of him and the rules that must be obeyed.

As any man, the Fool was reluctant to hear such things, but listened with obedience. Soon he came to understand most of what he was told and disregarded the rest.

“I am aware that you have decided that some of this information is not worth knowing, but as you move through society you will remember the rules. If you so choose to disobey, you shall find there are punishments that will come to you. But, with this, you will also find lessons. Go out into the world and continue your journey.”

The Fool turned from the man and left. He continued through the town, pondering over all he’d learned.

The journey continues...Faith


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Superman, Glad you enjoyed.

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Jennifer, I'm glad you enjoyed the posts. I enjoy writing them. Thank you for all the compliments. Best wishes.