Thursday, August 4, 2011

Contact Your Spirit Guides by Asandra

Contact Your Spirit Guides
Asandra, a unique individual, has pulled together a comprehensive guide to contacting your spirit guides. The book is beautifully designed and comes with 24 spirit guide cards. The cards are a way to assist you in contacting your spirit guides, but she doesn’t stop there. There’s some nice information on automatic writing, and other methods to connect with your guides. I believe the most helpful section for me was on identifying your guides.

I had the privilege of viewing the cards, before the book came out. I enjoyed them, but didn’t really connect. That is, until I obtained a copy of the book. The information in the book leads up to the actual actions of contacting your guides, and once you comprehend this part, the rest is much more understandable. As a tarot reader, in many ways I’ve connected already, but with Asandra’s cards there’s a whole new direction to take.

My first reading with the cards led me to contact my Pathfinder. After realizing this was the guide I needed at this particular time, I sought more guidance with my tarot cards. The initial reading with the spirit guide cards led me in a direction I wouldn’t have gone without them.

I highly recommend this book for beginners seeking a connection with a higher source. If you’ve started down this road, but can’t seem to get the right feel for a connection, Asandra can help you open the door you’ve only pulled slightly ajar.

Another great section in the book advises you of how to only bring in wanted guides, and keep out the unwanted guests. This is highly important. Once you open the door, any spirits are allowed through if you do not specify what types you want. No one wants uninvited guests, especially ones who can send you messages which may send you in the wrong direction. Contacting your spirit guides is an action you shouldn’t take lightly. Asandra can assist you in your journey.

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