Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Fool's Journey - The Wheel

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Continuance of The Fool's Journey

Waking to the glare of the sun, the Fool stretched and stood, ready to continue on his journey. His dog barked and growled at the large structure nearby. The Fool approached with caution.

A man stood at the bottom of a large gold wheel, ushering him forward. "Come, it's time."

"Time? For what?"

"To go home."

"Climb aboard. You are to return home to your life."

"But what about the journey?"

"Your spiritual journey is somewhat complete. You must rejoin society to continue."

His dog cowered at his leg. The Fool knelt, brushing the poor shivering creature. "It's okay. Just another part of the journey." He scooped up his pet and climbed onto the gold wheel. It moved forward, and the Fool closed his eyes.

With a jolt, the wheel disappeared dropping him and his dog to the ground. His home lay in the valley below. His lover labored up the rising trail. His heart yearned for her beauty. His dog rushed to her side. Finally, he was home, but what did the rest of his journey hold?

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