Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creating Your Own Tarot Spread

There are many tarot spreads available for the tarot reader, but sometimes you want, possibly need, something more. Creating your own tarot spread is relatively easy and can bring new insight to your tarot journey.

There are some aspects you should consider when creating your own spread:

  • Number of cards
  • Related issue - general, romance, career, etc.
  • Card positions - past, present, etc.
  • Possible visual aspect - cross, flower, etc.
As you create your spread, take notes and keep a record of both the new spread and the reading results. Naming your spread is also a nice touch, and a quick way to remember the spread for later use.

Example: Let's say you are in the situation of choosing between two relationships. One is an old friend who has recently expressed feelings of furthering the relationship, while the other is a new person. You're not sure which to choose, or even if you should choose either. To help you make your decision, you've decided to create your own tarot spread.

This is a situation of two roads, so let's go with seven cards in a romance spread. I'm also thinking a horse shoe image.

  1. Questioner, who I am
  2. Person One, who he is
  3. Person Two, who he is
  4. Person One, what can he offer me
  5. Person Two, what can he offer me
  6. Person One, possible relationship outlook
  7. Person Two, possible relationship outlook
Your layout would look something like this:

6 7
4 5
2 3

Possible Names: Relationship Choice Spread, Which Love to Follow, Choices of the Heart

Be creative and don't be afraid to explore beyond what a tarot text can bring you. The tarot is about intuition. Use it to its full potential.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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