Thursday, November 3, 2011

Story Creating with the Tarot

Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
Tarot cards are tools. The jobs are numerous.

For writers, the tarot can help activate creative muscle, ignite a story idea.

One layout is the beginning, middle, and end. The cards you see are an example of this layout. All stories contain these three parts and one card represents each.

Here is an example tarot reading for creating a story.

Beginning - 21 The World (reversed) - This card represents a reluctance to let go. One is unable to reach the goal, because of unfinished business.

The main character of this story has unfinished business to attend to before moving forward.

Middle - 7 The Chariot - This card represents the need to balance opposing forces to move forward.

So, let's say the main character is struggling with the need to complete something from the past and the need to complete a current project.

End - Knight of Wands - This Knight is all about change - physical, emotional, spiritual. In the image, you notice two dragons fighting. Could this be the opposing forces at the climax of the story?

The main character, unable to balance the forces, is faced with the clashing of the two, which leaves him a changed man.

Story Overview - The main character is stuck in the past, unable to move forward. The only solution is to find balance, but he can't. In the end, the choice is made for him as the forces collide. He must gain control of these forces before it's too late.

Could these opposing forces be two women? An ex-wife, who he still cares for, and his current wife, who he loves but only married to find closure to his failed marriage.

This is how stories begin, with just a spark.

Give this a try and see what creative thoughts you can ignite.


Inner Whispers said...

Nice and simple, yet with a wealth of possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

Cher Green said...


Glad you liked. Hope it comes in handy.