Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Your Own Tarot Deck

Creating my own tarot deck has been a project lingering at the edge of my mind for some time. I own many decks I connect with, but imagine the connection one could make just from the process of this project. Also, if you are having trouble remember some of the card meanings, this could be a way to solve such issues. Images trigger thoughts, so by using your own images the meanings become clearer and you are free to follow intuition.

The biggest obstacle standing before me has been HOW?

You should consider your options of canvas. 1) Individual Blank Tarot Cards 2) Printable Sheets micro-perforated to Tarot size 3) Drawing Paper or other artistic canvas which may be scanned and then downsized into format for the printable sheets (I'm sure there's other options - please feel free to share.)

You should also consider your abilities. Are you artistic? Can you draw or paint? Do you need artistic software to complete your images? What about creating collages? Do you need to use your digital camera or can you grab others' photos and images?

The ability section is my main obstacle. I can draw a little, but not good enough to produce a whole tarot deck. I'm looking into software options, but not sure what I'm actually looking for. (Again, feel free to share.)

One site I've found useful,, supplies software, printable sheets, even tarot bags for your new deck. I'm playing with the software, which is free to try. You can't print until you register. Program cost: 16.95, Card cost: 13.25, Bag cost: 3.85, Experience: priceless

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for this project. Good luck. I hope to share with you my progress on this project in future posts.


Carla said...

Wouldn't it be great to have a friend gifted in drawing. I've seen several tarot decks (described as 'naive') which would have been absolutely transformed if those cards had been rough sketches then handed over to someone who could actually draw. That's an idle fantasy I have, conceiving a tarot that an artist then fleshes out for me. But on my own? No, I don't think I could. It would be fun to try though!

Cher Green said...


Yes it would be nice to have the connection to an actual artist. I did go out and buy sketching material, but haven't put pencil to pad just yet. I'm an okay drawer. Will see what happens, but most likely it will just be a personal venture.

Another thought is to be the writer of the companion book and hire an artist to do the cards. This could possibly be done with the help of a publishing company - I think.