Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Fool's Journey - Justice

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
The town celebrated the Fool's return with dance, food, and drinks. The Fool shared his stories with them into the dark of night. As morning grew close, his lover begged her leave and his father escorted him from the party.

"It's time for you to join the women. They await your arrival."

The Fool puzzled over his father's words, but as they stepped into the Hall of Justice his words left him.

Two woman, beyond beautiful, stood upon the altar. They stood as if statues. Gripping the Fool's shoulder, his father left him alone.

The Fool approached the women slowly, curiosity and fear engulfing him. He didn't wish to depart so soon.

"There are choices for you to make." The woman in purple shifted. Her sword gleamed in the candle light.

The Fool stepped closer. "What type of choices?"

The woman in white turned toward him, but he could not see her eyes. Gold helmets covered the women's view of him. "Your journey is not over. There is more to see."

"Why do you not look upon me with vision? Have I failed you? Do you disdain my image?"

"We do not judge you my son. Your choices are yours to determine. We only offer advice." The woman extended the scrolls in his direction, but then brought them back to her side. "Within these are two futures claimed by your soul. It is your destiny to follow one or both."

The other woman took a small step forward. "Sometimes the paths intertwine, giving the soul an abundant journey."

"May I see them?"

"No son. You must make the choices on your own. We know it may be difficult to understand, but both paths are within you." The woman in white turned her head away from him and grew silent once more.

"We have watched your journey. You have done well. It is now time for you to continue." She then turned her head away.

Taking the actions as dismissals, the Fool left the Hall of Justice.

Wandering through the streets, he made his way to the forest's edge and entered. He followed the trail to a wide opening. Dropping to his knees, the Fool prayed for guidance.

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