Thursday, May 3, 2012

Four of Pentacles - Reflections

The Four of Pentacles is the financially secure card.

As I look upon the four of pentacles, from the Crystal Visions Tarot deck, I have a passing thought of Scrooge. The woman holds tightly to the pentacles, determined to not let go.

What she doesn't notice is the wealth of fruit on the apple tree, the beautiful crystals and stones, and the golden stack of coins below her. She has no reason at all to hold on so tightly, her wealth is abundant. She can relax.

This card suggests you adjust your focus. Spending too much time worrying about what could be lost may keep one from gaining.

You can almost see 'The Fool' approaching this young lady and giving her a lesson in taking the giant leap of faith. She should allow herself to leave her possessions, if only to gain more possessions, but also to gain knowledge, love, and to live life.

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