Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Message from the Angels

Healing with the Angels, is a wonderful deck by Doreen Virtue. The beauty of the artwork and the color borders makes this '44-card' deck a wonderful addition to my collection. Below, I've asked the angels for guidance.

Doreen Virtue is also the author of the Healing With The Angels book, among other books and angel oracle decks.

How can I better connect with my higher self?

Cards pulled: Meditation, Healing (Reversed), and Support

First, I will point out, this deck does not suggest the use of reverse cards, but Healing not only fell out during shuffling, but also appeared reversed in the reading.

Past - Meditation - This card suggests quieting the mind to allow the voices of the angels to be heard.

Meditation isn't an easy task for me. The only time I manage to get close to a quiet mind is moments before sleep takes over. With this card, I take it to mean the angels are speaking to me, if only I will listen.

Present - Healing - This card suggests a healing has occurred, but may not be realized for focusing on 'what's wrong'.

By falling from the deck and appearing reversed, this card takes on a blocked aspect for me. I'm not allowing the healing process to take place. The guided path is to surround the situation with healing thoughts and release it to the angels.

Future - Support - This card suggests a strong support and guidance system from God, the angels, and the ascended masters. It also suggests the questioner to be more than supported by, but a part of this group.

This protection and guidance has not been lost to me. I'm very aware of the protective shield around me and a lighted path before me. I believe the appearance of this card is to bring to my attention I am more than a protected soul, but a part of a larger group, which is so for us all. This is not a lone journey, but a collaboration of souls.

Overview: To better connect with my higher self, I need to allow the voices to be heard and accept the healing process. The outcome shall be feeling the connection of the larger group.

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