Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Artist's Way meets the Tarot - wrapping up Week One

the Artist's Way
Julia Cameron
Obviously, week one has come and gone on our calendars. Time passes by, and we fight to catch up. Or, at least, that is my life at the moment. But, as we continue on our journey, we adjust to the world around us, both in the aspects of the Artist's Way and in life.

As we wrap up Week One, we take a look at Imaginary Lives.

Imagine for a moment, you have five other lives you could live. Anything is possible in these alternate worlds, anything. You could be President, the Pope, or even a landscaper or garbage collector. No profession is too large or too small.

Don't think too hard on this exercise, have fun with it.
  1. Artist - drawing and painting
  2. Actress
  3. Veterinarian
  4. Teacher
  5. Archaeologist
As I jotted this list down, I wondered what I had chosen years ago during my journey on Footsteps of a Writer. Artist, Writer, and Tarot reader made the list. Well, I'm actively doing two of those. Progress in small steps.

For a more routine Journey through the Artist's Way, feel free to drop by Footsteps of a Writer and follow through the course there. In 2010, my life was not so hectic and the journey follows, for the most part, on a daily posting. Click here to arrive at the Intro to the course.

Hope no one is standing up their Artist on the Artist's dates. Hands cramping from the Morning Pages? How are you doing in your journey overall? Do you feel the walls built long ago shaking as you begin to pull them down?


IDEALIST said...

This is interesting, I was saying on my comments page that you have three different roles but all of them involve messages and communication- you appear to be some sort of a powerful '‘messenger''.

Cher Green said...

Wasn't sure what you were talking about, then went to your comments, lol. I've never looked at it that way, but what an insightful thought. I'll keep that in mind during my journey. I like it.

IDEALIST said...

I was in a charity/thrift store today and I saw a brand new copy of The Artists way. The price was so low (apparently half the price of a used one on Amazon) it would have been a crime not to have bought the book, but I was wondering if you know of a similar book focusing more on technical advise for creative artist's?

Cher Green said...

My run-in with the Artist's Way was through the library. I was grabbing all the CD on books I could find, at the time, to listen to while delivering the mail. I just happened to grab the Artist's Way.

Of course, when you say technical advice, are you asking about how-to books in a certain area?

IDEALIST said...

oh no I guess what I was trying to ask was, do you know of a book that is creative in style (the writing, layout, ideas etc) that is parable to the artist way but is not just focused on creativity but rather, the balance between, inspiring/ entertaining and informing, being sensitive and sincere.

Basically learning to develop both creative and conventional methods for nonfiction work such as life writing or writing for culture etc- the writing still needs to be vivid and have emotion but it also needs to be contained.

I am not very disciplined with my creativity....

Cher Green said...

Not that I can think of, but if I run across anything I'll let you know.