Thursday, August 2, 2012

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Step Four - Story

In step four of our journey, we are to tell a story using our chosen card as the illustration.

"By doing this, you will see how the stories you tell yourself reflect an inner truth."

Telling your story in fairy tale form, begin with "Once upon a time." Remember this is a fairy tale, so animals can talk, rain can go up instead of down, and this doesn't have to make sense. Let your imagination go crazy.

Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011

Activity 4:1: Begin with "Once upon a time..." and write or speak for ten minutes.

Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived in a cold, barren land. Her dreams were big, but her plans stayed small.

One day, she noticed tiny bump upon her back. Many months later, those bumps grew into a massive set of wings. She could do anything, go anywhere, yet she remained in her small world.

One early morning, she encountered two large ravens, each beckoning her to stretch her lovely wings and join them in the sky. Yet, she continued to hold her feet to the ground.

She closed her eyes and asked for guidance. A single feather fluttered out of her wings and came to rest before her eyes.

A beautiful voice said, “You must choose your own destiny, child.”

The young girl crossed her arms before her. “But I’m not sure of my choices.”

The two ravens spoke, their words tangling with one another. “Go east.” “Go west.” “You must visit the far away sights.”

“Silence,” she commanded the ravens to quiet their noise. This was her choice and she must make it alone.

She stood with her arms crossed and the feather covering her eyes. Her mind soared on the different paths she could take. She stood beneath the full sun wondering what she should do. She felt the snow shifting under her weight and the glare of the sun, as she wondered where to go. A chill took over as the sun went down, yet she continued to stand in her small world, her feet upon the ground.

Activity 4-2: Drop the 'once upon a time' and repeat what you said in first person and present tense.

I live in a cold barren land. My dreams are big, but my plans remain small. I notice bumps on my back, which later grow into massive wings. I can do anything, go anywhere, yet I remain here, in this little world. I encounter a set of ravens. They beckon me to join them in the sky, but I am hesitant. The ground is safe, so I remain. I close my eyes and ask for guidance. A single feather flutters from my wings and rests before my eyes. A beautiful voice whispers, “You must choose your own destiny, child.” I cross my arms before me. “But I’m not sure of my choices.” The two ravens speak, their words tangling with one another. “Go east. “Go west.” “You must visit the far away sights.” “Silence,” I command the ravens to quiet their noises. This is my choice and I must make it alone. I continue to cross my arms, and the feather remains in front of my eyes. I think of all the different paths I can take. The once warm sun cools, and the hard snow shifts beneath me. I continue to stand, as night falls, in my little world, my feet planted to the ground. The ground is safe.

Now the story becomes more personal and questions will be suggested by your story. For instance: What are my big dreams? Why do I wait to fly?

Activity 4-3: Connect your story to your own life. Some connections may be literal, but allow playroom for other possibilities.

Is the desire to spread my wings in respect to flying, dreaming, or just taking a step forward? Why east and west?

Play with the questions and thoughts you have. You may be surprised at where you end up and how true your story is to your own life.

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Carla said...

I have the book. I never get much past the synthesis chapter before I find I'm moving on to something different. I tend to by flighty like that. Maybe I should start in the middle next time and try to hit some chapters I haven't done yet instead of waiting another year and starting AGAIN at ch 1. :)

Cher Green said...

Carla, I understand. I've owned the book for awhile. Even read from beginning to end, but this is the first time of actually using the exercises for a single card.

Feel free to join in when we get to synthesis. Having another person doing the exercises is great motivation to keep going.