Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Four Mode Spread

Another helpful spread offered in Mary K. Greer's Understanding the Tarot Court is The Four Mode Spread.

What are the four modes?

Who - Court Cards, What - Minor Arcana, Why - Major Arcana, and Where - Aces

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To start, we are going to divide the deck into four groups: Court, Minors, Majors, and Aces. Shuffle the individual piles and select one card randomly from each.

First discover what you are experiencing, and then how to deal with the situation.

My Cards:

Who - characteristics of your current self - King of Wands - A King is in control of his life and his elemental focus. He has achieved mastery and puts it into play within his daily life. The element of Wands brings the desire of creativity and self-growth into his focus. He knows what he wants and proceeds as planned.

What - the situation - 6 of Cups - The situation presented by this card is one of sharing past experiences and lessons. The older figure offers the flower to the younger figure, sharing his delight for the experience of smelling nature.

Why - archetypal energies in play - 14 Temperance - The energies of the Temperance card is of balancing and moderation.

Where - elemental realm of consciousness - Ace of Pentacles - The elemental realm of the Pentacles is Earth - representing the physical things in life. Such would include finances, skills, career, the body, etc.

What am I experiencing?

I am in control of my current situation and step forth in my journeys of discover. I reach out to share my own experiences with others, because I need balance in my world. This all occurs on the physical realm of skills and career.

Interesting - As you all know, my 'official' Tarot Guidance website launched very recently, with hopes of sharing more with you through the tarot. This little exercise confirms I'm on the right path, wouldn't you think?

How should I deal with the situation?

  • Looking at the cards in a different order from a different perspective - Mary K. Greer offers sentence to complete, filling in your chosen card as you do so.
  1. In the realm shown by the Ace of Pentacles, where life and lessons find their way into the physical world through your skills and choices, I can use the attributes of Temperance to find a balance and learn moderation throughout my life, in order to deal with the 6 of Cups, which expresses my desire to share with others what I have discovered within my past and present, as experienced by the court card, the one who is a master of his creativity and his self-growth.
Looking at it all from a new perspective, I see this as more than my tarot journey, but also my fictional writing. The Temperance is no stranger to my readings. Here I may have discovered the how to find the balance needed - by sharing my knowledge and experiences with you through tarot information and fiction stories.

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This is all very fascinating, Cher. Looking forward to learning more about Tarot guidance. Best to you on your adventure.

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