Thursday, March 28, 2013

Searching For Direction

Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011
I pondered over what to write about in the world of tarot this week and decided to ask the cards. They presented me with The Unknown Card of the Crystal Visions Tarot. Now how helpful is that?

The purpose of this addition card in the deck is to identify aspects not yet revealed in the scheme of things. The card offers a suggestion of patience to discover what is not yet ready to be known. The figure in the card offers forth a crystal ball, urging you to look within, to meditate upon the matter at hand.

I have been thinking on the best direction to take the blog over the last few weeks, hence the re-publications of deck reviews from my Tarot Examiner. I've also found myself short on time – both job related and self-inflicted.

Scattered is the word for it. I've missed writing sessions, slacked on my blog duties, and even found myself sitting in front of the television doing nothing at all – which isn't like me at all. I’m always doing something – minus a few hours a week dedicated to shows I watch faithfully.

Which shows you may be asking? The Following, Grimm, Client List and The Walking Dead are my main ones at the moment. I've also been catching Two Broke Girls, Anger Management, and Two and a Half Men. You have to add a little comedy into the mix right?

O, right, we were talking about the blog. See, told you I was scattered.

Anyways, discovering the best direction for the blog – it seems everyone is writing tarot blogs, and I want mine to give you something you may not be getting anywhere else. Feel free to offer ideas of some topics you’d like me to cover. Just go to the contact page, or leave comments.

The Fool’s Journey posts drew many views and comments, but my thoughts have led toward finishing them up offline, editing the earlier posts, and offering the entire story as an eBook. When I'll actually have time to do this is another story entirely.

Individual Card Meanings are always popular. How to learn the tarot, new spreads, and Deck Reviews seem to be nice topics many readers enjoy. Healing with Crystals, Contacting your Spirit Guides, Numerology? Speaking of such, last week Cutting Energy Cords appeared on my Tarot Examiner, if you’re interested.

So, tell me what would you like to see on the blog?


Inner Whispers said...

I'd say it depends a bit on the audience you're going for. I enjoy your reviews, but the "how to learn tarot" stuff leaves me a little cold. I also like the personal touch - the jokes about the TV shows you watch, the searching for a personal meaning in the cards!

Just my two cents, and good luck with the ebook of the Fool's Journey :)

Cher Green said...

Thank you for your two cents, they will go far. :) And for the good luck. Seems direction is something I'm looking for in many areas, lol. I continue to mull over the direction for April, but I'm on the tip of the iceberg, almost there with some ideas, lol. Thanks again for your comment.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I think it's fascinating. Sorry I'm late; computer glitches. Finally fixed, though. As for TUC, I think she's beautiful, and Jennifer Galasso has great talent.

I've been watching House Hunters on HGTV; makes sense, right. I also like The Good Wife, Cracked, Person of Interest, and Elementary. Oh, and I mustn't forget The Big Bang Theory.

Most of the time you'll find me watching Hockey Night in Canada. LOL. I know, not very girlie.

My thoughts are scattering, so before I go off again, I'd like to understand Tarot better. Where did it come from? Why? How does it connect with me? I actually have a dozen questions. Later.

Cher Green said...

Joylene, I do watch The Big Bang Theory on occasion. :) The others nope, not even a glance, but if I get time I'll give them a try. Law and Order is another of my faves.

I'm tempted to tackle your tarot questions here, but as I prepare to go to the post office on this rainy morning, I'll have to save them for another day. :) Watch for posts concerning your queries.

Have a great day.