Monday, April 15, 2013

Finding Balance – Two of Pentacles, Temperance

When I think of balance, of the many outlets of interest in my life, of my many self-imposed obligations, these two cards – Two of Pentacles and Temperance – always come to mind. I’ve come to expect and relish the sight of these within my readings. Their appearance gives me hope of being close to that wonderful moment of balance, moderation, and sanity, if you will.

Two of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles - The individual juggles his concerns, his obligations, and his problems. Notice the infinity sign loops around these, making it impossible for him to let go of either side of the coins. He must make it work, or drop them both. His expression is one of concern, but as he jostles around from foot to foot, there’s no doubt he will win the battle. Yet, behind him two ships are tossed about upon the sea, appearing to be on the same route, destined to collide. By finding a balance within his directions and interests, the sea will calm and the two pentacles shall become one.

The Temperance – The winged angel stands balanced between the physical world (dry land) and the subconscious (the water). Within her hands, she holds two cups, alternating their contents back and forth, creating a balanced mixture. The Temperance offers a higher balance than the two of pentacles. While the first card deals with the physical portions of life, the Temperance represents peace and balance within the soul, the mind, the subconscious and super-conscious. She does not struggle, but works slowly in an attempt to make life calm and stress-free.

As I fight to find my own balance, I work to blend my interests, to create a foundation which will support it all. Yes, I could give up something and let one pentacle fall. But, in the spirit of the Two of Pentacles, it could and probably would all come falling down.

My writing is a part of me; it is a driving force which must be allowed to grow. The tarot is a motivational tool, a source of higher learner, a guiding star in life’s journey. Together, they supply a physical, a mental, and a spiritual journey.

However, as I move forward, life itself imposes limitations, a need for balance and moderation. In attempt to find such, I’m cutting back my blog posts, on both Tarot Guidance and Footsteps of a Writer, to twice a month.

This balancing of obligations and time is not only an attempt to allow more time for my fiction writing, but also to allow my creativity more room to grow.

Ideas for further exploration of the tarot continue to sprout but as it is now, I don’t have the time to take these journeys. Some of these roads lead toward tarot-based fiction, but also tarot-based non-fiction. I’ve spent the last couple of years, jotting notes as they come to me. Now it’s time to explore these notions further, so I can eventually share them with you.

As I move into a new phase of this journey of life, I thank all of you who have shared your thoughts, followed my writings and supported my steps. I’ve met many interesting people along the way, and look forward to meeting more.

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