Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools’ Day

Today, in tradition, is a day to pull pranks and jokes, but I’d like to take this day in a different direction – a tarot direction.

What could be a better day for new directions, leaps into the unknown, and taking a chance? In the tradition of The Fool, I ask that you take a moment to test new waters, stretch your wings, and do something new today.

This is what we are about to do here at Tarot Guidance - new material, new directions, a jump off the ledge – destination unknown. Comments from my last posting indicated the desire to see more personal posts, more tarot reviews, and more self-discoveries through the tarot.

Please join us as we begin a new journey.

In celebration of April Fools’ Day, I’ve created a new spread – The Fool’s Spread. Unique name, right?

In the Rider-Waite version of The Fool, he is about to step off the edge of a cliff, with his companion close at his heels. He carries a bag, which holds all he will need for his journey. Within his left hand, he holds a white rose, a reminder of his desired goal. In the background, the snow-covered mountain offers a reminder that the road will not be without challenges. The sunshine at his back offers reassurance of his success, if he only makes that first step.

The Fool is all about taking chances, beginning a new journey, and having blind faith in your desires.

The Fool’s Spread

What is my desired goal (the rose)?
What is my first step toward a new direction (the cliff)?
What is the most important item to carry along (the bag)?
Who will be my companion, who will follow (the dog)?
What obstacles can I expect (the mountain)?
What successes await me (the sun)?

Sample Reading:

My desired goal, indicated by the reversed 4 of Cups, is to bring an end to my stagnant situation. Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt as if I’m spinning my wheels in place. It’s time to get up, and get moving forward. My interests and attentions are being scattered in too many directions. I must put my focus on a tighter target to find a forward motion.

My first step, indicated by the Knight of Cups, is to be open to new experiences, offers, and invitations. Something is coming, but I must be available to accept this gift. Notice the cloud within the 4 of Cups and the Knight both extend a cup outward. The opportunity is there for me, all I have to do is accept it.

The reversed Magician indicates I have the tools needed to achieve my goals, yet I’m not using them. Within my bag, I can find the elements, the magic, and the skills I need to move forward in my journey. If I don’t use the tools I already possess, my goal will remain unattainable.

The reversed Chariot indicates an unbalance, going astray from the main path and a lack of control. Rather than going straight, the horses are fighting against one another, very possibly spinning the wheels of the chariot, allowing me to stay in one spot – the stagnant situation. In the position of the companion, this may be an indicator to be careful who I trust. A helping hand is not always helpful. Be cared to lead, not to follow, and concentrate on the goal.

The obstacles, presented by the Queen of Swords, will be my independence, my natural desire to go it alone. If I can’t put aside this part of my personality, I may not be prepared to accept the opportunities being offered. This may also be a reminder to allow emotions to help in discovering desires, rather than rational thinking.

The success, offered by the reversed Ten of Pentacles, will be delayed. This is a card of great abundance, but it will not come easily or very soon. There’s a lot of work to be done to turn this card upright and reach success.

Also notice the absence of the fire element, another indication of no forward motion.

Overview – My goal is clear, as is the reasons the success continues to be a far reach. By taking each element of this reading and adjusting my thinking and actions, I can begin stepping forward toward my desired goal and eventually find success, a huge success with the Ten of Pentacles representation of such.

Have a wonderful April Fools’ Day, and don’t forget to try something new. Till next time, may your blessings be plentiful.


Inner Whispers said...

Lovely spread, Cher, and a hopefully useful reading. I like the realism of your delayed outcome and reversed Magician. Perhaps, though, the reversed Chariot as companion suggests others are as confused and stuck as you. And maybe together we can turn those reversals around :)

Cher Green said...

Thanks. I like your take on the Chariot and yes it is a very possible interpretation.