Monday, September 8, 2014

Tree of Life Oracle by Elaine Clayton

“Trees, in all their majesty, mirror our own human traits.”

The Tree of Life Oracle, packaged in the popular magnetic-lid Schiffer box, is a set of 30 cards and a companion book. The cards are made of good card stock, laminated, and easy to shuffle. The booklet gives interpretations for each card, which includes: number, name, main keyword, additional keywords, and an overview.

On the negative side: There are no suggested layouts mentioned in the book. Also, the cards are not numbered, which makes looking up the meanings a little time consuming.

I played with these cards over the last couple of week, pulling random cards for advice on various situations. I was amazed at their accuracy. Each draw addressed the situation at hand and offered sound advice.

This deck will be added to my Oracle Collection, for simple insight or added information for tarot readings.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from one individual card.

Card #30 is Love.

The image is of two trees entwined. The main keyword is 'Entwinement.' Some of the additional keywords include: Love, Romance, Union, Neediness, Betrayal.

With reversals not mentioned, I’m not sure if the negative aspects are meant for reversals or not.

The overall summary of the card’s meaning touches upon both the positive and negative sides of love, covering romance, intoxicating new love, family and friends, and self-love.

Some words from the summary:

“Romance is first and foremost present when this card is chosen.” 

“The intoxication of new love is enough to cause you to lose your good sense.” 

“Tree of Live Love card reminds you to be sure not to play games to the point of entrapping others or fooling them, as it will not benefit you or anyone else.” 

“Unconditional love does not mean that because you love someone you cannot walk away from them.”

Available at Schiffer Publishing

(Review previously posted on The Examiner, January 19, 2014)


Ellen said...

Hi Cher. it looks like a nice addition to your collection. I do like the quality of Shiffer decks.
Mostly I use my oracle decks for 1 card readings or as a focus card for my tarot reading too. Although I love and cherish my oracle decks, Tarot is my true love :D

Cher Green said...

I totally agree with your comment. Oracles are fun, but are second to Tarot. :)