Monday, September 15, 2014

Ignite Your Spirit - Discover Your Higher Purpose

Carrie Paris has been busy adding to her collection of Magpie Casting Sheets, among other things. I stopped by last week as I pondered what to do for the week's post. I discovered more than I expected - new casting sheets and new products. I settled on the casting sheet, Open the Symbol: Ignite the Spirit. Her post entitled: Divining with the 5 Platonic Solids explains how and why she created this particular sheet.

The way you use these casting sheets are up to you. You can use the Magpie Oracle, or any other means of divination.

When using charms, you may cast or individually place them and use as many as you like. I chose to place two for each element. The first charm gives the main topic, while the second gives more information on the first.

Carrie suggests devoting this divination to a higher purpose, rather than every day activities. And before starting, ponder over the elements and the statements. In my sample reading, you will see I expanded with my own thoughts of what each means.

Fire: Your passion, your desire - Paths, Cross - Your passion trails in many directions. There will be decisions and choices to make. The multitude of your desires is part of your lesson in life. You may find it a difficult journey, but follow your soul urge to discover the best paths to follow. 

Earth: Action plan, a materialistic goal - Anchor, Rider - You need to build a firm foundation. You require security and stability in order to realize your own destined path. You need this to support your message, your movement, your way of life. This is a mobile security, an inner security, not a reference to a stationary dwelling or such.

Air: Voice, Communication, needs to be said - Heart, Fish - You need to share your emotions, rather than keeping them tucked away. Allow them to flow freely and to be heard.

Spirit: Spiritual Pull, Higher Plan - Birds, Ship - There is something you need to communicate, to put words to. This is your destined journey.

Water: Emotional understanding - Sun, Fox - Success is not always what it seems to be. It comes in many shapes and forms. You must understand this success in order to achieve it. Your success will be found on an emotional level.

Connecting pieces - Your destined journey is to communicate through words, through voice (spirit). What needs to be said is an expression of your emotions, an opening of the heart (air). Your passion follows many different avenues (fire). Your concept of success must be in line with its actual meaning in order to acquire it. Look for it as an internal, emotional satisfaction rather than external gains (water). Once you have a stable foundation to build upon, each step in your path will come much easier (earth).

Feel free to share your own discovers of your higher purpose.

Have a blessed week.

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Ellen said...

Great reading! I love it how you've given this oracle the opportunity to branch out from the more mundane to a more spiritual reading without losing it practicality :)

Cher Green said...

:) Thank you. I'm enjoying both the charms and the casting sheets.