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Justice by Bonnie Cehovet

Hezicos Tarot
Today, we are graced with the presence of Bonnie Cehovet. Welcome her and enjoy her words on Justice.

This image is from "Hezicos Tarot" by Mary Griffin, 2010.

“Believe and trust in yourself
You can create miracles
from info card with 'Hezicos Tarot'

Often in our lives we feel that there is such an imbalance within ourselves, or within the world around us, that we need to demand justice. Just as often we have something in mind that we would consider to be justice (from our perspective) for a given situation/issue.

In the “Hezicos Tarot” (Mary Griffin, Independently Published, 2010), we see a “wise woman”, dressed in purple (the color of spirit), and wearing a lovely purple hat. Around her neck we see strands of gold beads. Her right hand rests on the hilt of the Sword of Justice, while in her left hand she holds the Scales of Justice. Behind her, on her left hand side, and in front of her, on her right hand side, sit Orange Tabby cats.

The meaning that Mary Griffin gives this card is that of balancing fairness to others with being true to self. It can also indicate giving or receiving sound advice, or the “just” outcome of an issue or situation. Perhaps there has been a wrong that was righted. For the Seeker, they need to accept the truth of an issue or situation, and be responsible for their own actions. Justice coming up in a reading can also refer to business propositions or legal matters.

Justice is all about objectivity, but it is also about the Seeker being true to who they are, where they stand, and what their actions contributed to an issue/situation. Justice asks us to be accepting of the restrictions that come with this life – that we all have equal rights, and that there need to be a fair and equitable balance in all things. Our life in the present is the result of both the choices that we have made, and those that we have chosen not to make.

We are also bringing into balance our conscious and unconscious selves. This allows us to be responsible for our actions, as well as to see the connection between whatever inner conflicts we might have, and our conflicts in the outer, physical world. When Justice enters our lives, there is a need to be humble.

Justice energy that is not incorporated into the Seekers life can create a situation where the Seeker is “mirroring” – where they reflect the traits within themselves onto those around them. This is the person that will always feel that a situation or issue is due to someone else’s words or actions, and not their own.

Questions that the Seeker might want to ask themselves if Justice comes up in a reading include:

• Where in my life am I facing the task of making decisions?
• What are my choices?
• What are the consequences of my choices?
• Do my choices reflect who I am as a person?
• What will bring balance to this issue/situation?

Justice is a process, nothing more, nothing less.

Bonnie Cehovet is a professional Tarot reader and author. Her work can be seen at, and at

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