Friday, April 23, 2010

Linking the Cards

Learning to link the cards is one of the most important aspects of doing a tarot reading. To demonstrate the process I chose to do a personal reading.

The question: What can I expect today?
Layout: 3 cards
Positions: 2-influences, 1-main aspect, 3-influences

Individual interpretations of cards:

1- Strength - Numerology- 8 - patience/perseverance, Elemental - Fire, represents the strength and commitment required to reach one's goal

2- The Fool (reversed) - Numerology- 0 - transformations, Elemental - Air, represents the lack of leaping, staying on one course too long.

3- 2 of Swords- Numerology- 2 -balance/decisions, Elemental - Air, represents an uncertain decision, two choices to ponder.

The first step to linking the cards is to produce an overall aspect of the reading. You do this by adding the numerical values of the cards together. (0+8+2=10)  10 - completions/end of cycle.  The number relates back to The Wheel of Fortune - An improvement in circumstances produced by your own decisions. You have come to the completion of a task.

Elemental Aspect - Here we have fire surrounded by air producing a raging fire.

Linking the cards - The main aspect is the strength required to complete a goal. On one side we have the lack of moving on, and on the other side a decision to be made.

Pulling everything together - It seems I have come to the end of one goal but am having trouble moving toward the next cycle. I must make a decision and move forward toward my next goal. The main aspect is that I do have the strength to do so.

An added note: In this reading, I could have chosen to draw two more cards placing one on either side of the two of swords to show my choices.

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