Friday, April 30, 2010

Knight of Swords

The court can be the hardest cards in the tarot to interpret. They may represent people, the Querent, or even a situation. It may also give energy to the rest of the reading. Analyzing the meaning of the card by paying close attention to the surrounding cards is the only way to determine its purpose. Yet, this may still cause confusions.

Some may determine the purpose of the court before beginning the reading. By having a clear picture of what you expect of these cards will bring the cards needed for the reading to the table.

Therefore, if you decide it is to always be a person, it should only show up as a person in the reading. The cards work from your own energy and will appear in the way needed to give you the message to allow you to direct the Querent toward their goal.

The Knight of Swords shows a man on a horse racing toward something. Notice the trees lean in the opposite direction of which he travels. His face shows determination and desire. The horse has a look of fright as he glances back at his rider in dismay.

As a person, this young man is a fighter and willing to go beyond the call of duty to accomplish what he desires. He is forceful and blunt in his conquest. With no concern for others, he will have want he wants and desires.

As the client, this card may suggest that he/she should be more persistent in her quests. To discard her worry of what others may think and go after her dreams full speed ahead.

As a situation, this card could suggest rapid movement toward a goal, or a breaking away from the normal routine.

Take a moment to look at this card. What do you see?

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