Monday, May 31, 2010

Daily Tarot Readings

Daily tarot readings can better connect you with the cards and give you daily guidance.

There are many spreads available for daily reflections. For a beginner, a spread with no positions may be the best direction to go. A reading of one to three cards will give you the best outcome.

Keeping a tarot journal will help you in your journey to connecting with the cards. Note the cards pulled and your interpretation of the reading. Come back and write about your day. Did the cards reflect on activities or occurrences for that day? Do you see the card differently than you did when you first did the reading?

After a few weeks, notice which cards appear often. Is there a pattern of which days they were pulled? Is the tarot trying to tell you to focus on a particular issue in your life? Do you tend to run into the same blocks throughout your week?

The tarot will help you in your life and bring to your attention issues that need to be reflected upon. Use the cards as a guide to get the most out of life.

Weekly and monthly readings will bring about the same result. Whatever your schedule, take a moment to reflect upon your life and the direction you travel in.

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