Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World Tarot Day

World Tarot Day
On May 25th the world will celebrate the Tarot. This has been going on since 2003, but this will be my first year celebrating. Come join me!

First, let me direct you to a few other sites that are celebration. YOU know this means freebies so come on, let's celebrate.

The official site for the day: Be sure and save the Fool's Dog. Don't miss out on the other items listed.

Visit Bonnie Cehovet and see what she's got planned for the day.

TABItarot has some great things planned also.

Now what will we do here on the Tarot Guidance blog. I thought this over, and I hope I'm not getting in over my head, but here's what we are doing. I will be posting on the 24th that way it will definitely be up in time, but you must wait until the 25th to begin. See instructions below.

To register: You must be a follower and you must comment on the 25th. You will receive a one card reading. Yes, everyone who is a follower and leaves a comment will receive a one card reading.

But that's not all! For every follower you bring to the blog who comments, you will receive an additional card to your reading. Please make sure the new follower does mention your name in the comment or I will have no way of knowing that you brought them to the site. Each new follower can only mention one name. If you become a new follower on the 25th, you can still get additional cards, by bringing your friends with you.

So, followers, get out there and spread the word!

I look forward to celebrating with you.

Note: Depending on the response, the reading may not be available that day. The readings will be done first come, first served. Everyone will receive there reading, it just may not happen on the same day. :) You may have to wait in line.

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