Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tarot Suits

Gunjan Karun © gunjankarun.com
By understanding the meanings of the each suit, you will have a better understanding of the individual tarot cards. Combine this with each number meaning, which will come in a later post, and you will have a foundation on which to interpret each card in a reading.

Pentacles - Element: Earth - wealth, physical matters, family, and traditions. Think of events that have a firm foundation.

Cups - Element: Water - emotions and relationships. The substance of water is ever changing as is our emotions and relationships.

Swords - Element: Air - thought and conflict. Air stirs things up - as in confusion, fighting, and legal matters.

Wands - Element: Fire - creativity, life work, something the Querent has great enthusiasm and passion for. Think of a raging fire and the raging desire within us all.

Note: Some decks flip flop the elements of swords and wands, but above is the most common interpretation. Also, the interpretations of the suit meanings is a combination of what others have suggested and what I have come to use through my experience.

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