Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Okay, technically it is Wednesday. I'm a little behind schedule. This week, I'll do a quick reading.

Deck: Mystic Dreamer Tarot by Heidi Darras
Spread: Reflections - 1 card
Question: What do I bring with me from my past life/lives?

18 The Moon (reversed) - In the upright position the energies of this card are of self-deception and overwhelming emotions. In its reversed position, it shows the ability to see clearly and having control over your emotions.

Overview: I have brought with me from my past life the ability to see clearly through my own deceptions and the deceptions of others. I have control over my emotions, to a point that others may see me as cold or unemotional.

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