Thursday, September 2, 2010

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 
First, I'd like to offer you the chance to view this wonderful introductory trailer. Go on, enjoy the video and come back.

Amazing! Wouldn't you say?

I've wanted this deck since the first time I saw the cards, but held back for financial reasons. I finally took the plunge.

The deck is easy to handle, the cards are of good quality, and the images are just amazing. Ciro took tarot to a new level with this deck. I can't wait to do my first reading with them. I've had them for a few weeks now, but I have the deep desire to savor the cards before shuffling and laying out a reading.

The deck comes with a wonderful companion book. It begins with a tale of how the creation came about. I can't even begin to explain the glorious journey he takes you on. It is a must read. After the journey, Ciro takes you through his thoughts about each card, along with three other contributing views.

One of the views comes from James Ricklef, who I've come to know through his blog - a very wonderful man with some great views on the tarot.

Another great man is Ciro Marchetti. I had a few questions concerning the deck and he replied promptly and was very helpful. Visit his web page and enter his world. He also has a web page devoted entirely to The Legacy of the Divine.

Soon, you will see the Divine Tarot on my Tarot Tuesday series. They will also appear in an upcoming series of my version of the Fool's Journey. I will enter each card, alongside the fool, and see what happens. I'm very excited about this and hope you will join me in my visits.

Have a great weekend!

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