Thursday, July 26, 2012

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Step Three - Emotion

In step three of our journey, we are to describe the emotions, feelings, and attitudes of the figures and the mood and atmosphere of the environment.

"Because the card mirrors your life, it also mirrors your own feelings.”

Mary Greer has included an emotion lists located in Appendix A. She suggests looking it over before you begin this exercise.

Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011

Activity 3-1: Step One – Using your chosen card, describe the emotions, attitudes, and feelings of the figures and the mood and atmosphere of the environment. As in step two, you may do this verbally or in written form.

The woman looks calm, expectant, as if she’s waiting for a surprise. Her folded arms are not tense, as they would be if she were protecting herself, but more of a casual position as she waits. The parting clouds allow the sun to bathe the environment, giving the card a warm feel. The lazy flight of the birds gives a feeling of carefree and come-what-may attitude. The suspended feather covering her eyes gives the impression of a temporary blindness. When she’s ready it will flutter away.

Activity 3-1: Step Two - Repeat your description, but change to first person, present tense.

I am calm, expectant. I am waiting for a surprise, a change. I stand with my arms folded, waiting. The sun touches me, warming the air around me. I hear the lazy flap of bird wings. I wait, and when I’m ready I’ll release the feather from my eyes.

Activity 3-1: Step Three – Based on your retelling of the card, identify a recent situation which you and your environment have shown such qualities or emotions.

This is where I am most of the time. I’m a very calm person and I tend to wait for others to make the next move, rather than rock the boat.

I've never actually looked at this card in this way. In fact, sometimes when I see this card, I think of the calm before the storm, but today it feels more like a clearing of those clouds.

How did you do? Did your card reflect your own emotions and your environment? Did it bring life a little more into perspective?

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