Thursday, February 21, 2013

Intuitive Tarot - Tossing the Book Aside

As one begins on her tarot journey, she may find herself relying very heavily upon the little white book or other books focused on interpretations of the cards. For many, relying on others’ interpretations becomes almost addictive. You want to know everything you possibly can about the tarot cards. So, you busy yourself reading manuals and others’ interpretations. That’s how you learn right?

I’m not saying studying from others’ experiences isn’t a good practice, but it needs to be separated from the actual tarot reading. I continue to enjoy reading how others read and how they interpret individual cards. But when the two become inseparable, you form a crutch.

There comes a time to get rid of such a crutch and rely upon your own intuition to read the cards. When you do this, you become a more intuitive, reliable reader.

You may be saying: Sometimes I forget what a card means; I have to look it up. What if I interpret the card wrong? What if I guide someone down the wrong path?

It’s important to remember tarot reading is about reading the cards through your intuition, through your imagination, and through your own abilities. There’s no such thing as reading the cards wrong. Yes, you may make a mistake, but this is also possible while relying on others’ interpretations. Your intuition is much more reliable than involving something that has nothing to do with you. The cards react to your energies; therefore it is your interpretations which are important.

Different readers will interpret each card from a different angle. This is okay. The Tarot interacts with you and produces the card needed to answer the question being asked. The books are only guides. They are not manuals to follow, but suggestions to help you get a feel for the basics, the rest is all intuition.  

Exercising your intuition is important to becoming a tarot reader. This can’t be done by looking up meanings in a book. By doing this, you are muddling your abilities.

If you’ve already formed a habit of relying on the book interpretations, here is an exercise to help you break away.

Daily Tarot Pull

·                     Begin your day by pulling one tarot card as an overview or lesson for the day.
·                     Write down your thoughts and impressions, relying only on your intuition.
·                     At the end of the day, record further thoughts on your card.
·                     You may now take a look at the suggested meanings. Compare the similarities and differences between what you saw and what the book suggests. Are there some things in the book you feel reflected your day but you didn’t see? Write it down. Do you notice similarities, underline these in your text.
·                     Repeat daily for at least thirty days

This process will help break your habit of looking up the meanings. It will build your confidence through repetitive reading using your intuition. It will allow you to put the book on the shelf and leave it there.


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