Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five of Swords - Winner Takes All

“Winner takes all!”

I drew the 5 of Swords today as a summary of the ongoing events in my life.

The Rider Tarot Deck

The winner in the card wins at the price of others. The first is left upset and crying. The second worries over the other, but refuses to bow his head in defeat. While the winner is proud, he’s won more than he can carry, with the remaining two swords lay upon the ground.

The question this card brings to mind is, “Was the battle worth the prize?”

His winnings come with a price. Are these two people allies? Or, did he take back what was his in the first place?

Usually when this card appears, it indeed refers to three people being involved. I have to say I recognize these people and must ponder these questions. Is what I’m fighting for really worth the complete loss of these two people from my life? Or should I accept what’s being taken from me, and let them continue holding their swords?

Without happiness, one’s life is empty. Without companionship, there’s no one to share this life with. The problem comes when happiness and companionship do not join together as one.

If you are unhappy in your situation, the battle to be happy is worth losses. For if you gain happiness, there wasn’t a loss at all. I guess the main objective is to make sure the battle you choice to fight is the right one, and not a distraction from the real issue at hand.

As you fight your battle, pause for a moment and consider the outcome.

I leave you with Survivor – Eye of the Tiger. Enjoy!


Inner Whispers said...

Those are some great questions, Cher. Hope you find some good answers as you go through this tough situation.

Cher Green said...


I'm working on it. Each day is a test these days, but it's part of the cycle of life.

Best wishes,