Sunday, September 25, 2011

Numerology within the Tarot - One

There are many different aspects within the cards which can be pulled upon for stronger clarity. One of these aspects is the numbers on each card.

Cards from Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Today, I decided to look upon the One – Aces and The Magician – to gain more understanding of the connections numerology has with the Tarot.

Ones represent the seeds of life, the beginnings and the birth of a new direction.

The Magician uses his available tools and skills to create. This card suggests focusing your energy on your desired direction and taking those first steps toward achievement. It also signifies a good time for new projects and learning new skills.

The Ace of Cups suggests new love, a new emotional life.

The Ace of Coins suggests new money and new opportunities.

The Ace of Swords suggests new strength and new ideas.

The Ace of Wands suggests new life energy, the start of something new – business, creations, and a move forward.

As you look upon these cards, it is apparent all four cards relate to new beginnings in different areas of life.

Overview – (Magician) by taking the tools and skills one possesses and focusing it in one direction, greatness can be achieved. (Cups) new emotions, a new friendship or love affair is likely to begin. (Coins) money and career opportunities are available. (Swords) a charge of power and new ideas are at your disposal. (Wands) new energies bring a good time to begin something new.

Start something new today! Have a wonderful Sunday.

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