Thursday, September 22, 2011


Legacy of the Divine Tarot
As I look upon the ladies of Justice, I wonder how blind we really are to our decisions.

The ladies stand together sharing the responsibilities of the verdict. One uses the scrolls for guidance, while the other holds a sword. The questions which need to be answered are - what do the scrolls contain - there are two, and what does the sword signify.

Scrolls - We would assume there is writing or images upon these important documents. Maybe the words share knowledge to help clarify the deed being judged, or offer rules of conduct. Another alternative, one two scrolls represent the subconscious and the super-subconscious.

Sword- A sword represents something solid and active. The sword could represent the resulting effects of the deed, or the weight of the conscious. The sword may also be the rules, while the scrolls are the wisdom and understanding.

Either way, these two ladies control the balance on which we make our decisions. With a heavy hand, one lady could cause the outcome to be unjust, unbalanced, or just wrong.

The justice system works upon this notion of fairness when they appoint jury members. As we all know this doesn't always work out to true justice. As humans, we have flaws and justice isn't always found.

In our life and journeys, we also fail at keeping a completely balanced vision upon Justice. Life hands us lessons and trials, and along the way balance is thrown off and one lady outweighs the other.

Over the next few days, consider what tools you use to make your decisions. Are they balanced? Should you touch up on one area to balance out the other?

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