Thursday, June 7, 2012

Animal Spirit Messages - Deer

Animals provide a communication connection with the spirit world, if you take a moment to see, listen, and hear.

Repeated sightings of animals can give clues to pay attention to the messages being sent to you.

There are many methods of connecting and communicating with Spirit. If you listen and are receptive to its voice, Spirit will reveal its messages through the animals and nature. Connecting with a power animal establishes a psychic link which helps you communicate in non-verbal terms. You can receive additional information by observing the animal's natural characteristics and their environment. Pay attention and you will receive practical, healing and helpful messages. Lily Therese

This isn't a new concept for me, but each day my life moves into a clearer focus, and I take more notice to things around me and do my best to hear the messages provided for me from the spiritual world.

It isn't extremely uncommon to see a deer cross before you on a country road, or is it? Perhaps, what you think of as normal is actually a repeated attempt to get your attention. Hitting a deer - perhaps it's an extreme attempt to make you pay attention.

Over the last two weeks, I've encountered a deer crossing before me three different times. These all seemed to be a lone deer, but I'm sure it had company. I feel the absence of its company triggered me to pay more attention than if it had not been seen alone.

So, what is the message the deer wishes to provide.

After some research on online sites, I've come to the conclusion the message is not to force the situation and to allow things to unravel in their own time. This could refer to many areas of my life at the moment. In fact, I can think of three instantly, so perhaps the three sightings are a suggestion to apply this to all areas.

It is not the right time to confront the enemy. Know when to walk away. Be alert to danger. Pay attention and look before you leap. Time for compassion and forgiveness. Learn to trust. Cultivate new friends and ideas. Try something new. Don’t be afraid to cry. Nurture yourself and take time to heal. Walk more or increase activity. Spend more time outdoors. Dance and be joyful. Cultivate your inner knowing. Get a massage or try an alternative healing session. Try meditation. Look deep within your nature and root out major fears. Lily Therese

Gentleness in word, thought and touch, Ability to listen, Grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance, Understanding of what's necessary for survival Power of gratitude and giving, Ability to sacrifice for the higher good, Connection to the woodland goddess, Alternative paths to a goal.

Deer teaches us to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds, to stop pushing to get others to change and to love and accept them as they are. The only true balance to power is love and compassion. CrystalLinks 

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