Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feed Your Spirit

We tend to our physical bodies. Food satisfies our hunger, exercise keep our muscles strong, bathing pampers our skin, and on and on. But what are you doing for your spirit? Do you find yourself neglecting the most important part of your existence?

How do you feed your spirit?

Laughter is an important ingredient in caring for your spirit. Take a moment and evaluate your moments of laughter. Is it a rare occurrence? If so, find what makes you laugh and incorporate it into your life. If you are lucky, it may be as simple as spending time with a loved one.

What other appetizing morsels can you serve your spirit?

Spirits are all unique. You may have to take a moment to determine what makes it happy. Then, you can create a menu to keep your spirit alive and well.

Is your spirit adventurous? Does it enjoy quiet time? Many love creating, be it gardening, painting, writing, etc. Your spirit may be a music lover. Be creative and find what to feed your spirit, and strive to do so, on a daily schedule.

You can be as strong as an ox, clean as the air, and healthy as a horse, but what good is any of that if you live your life miserable and numb. Give your spirit some nourishment and enjoy each day of your life.

What's on your spirit's menu for today?

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