Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reconnect with Divine Guidance

Throughout life, we all experience Divine Guidance, although sometimes we ignore the little voice directing us, guiding us, helping us. If you don't think you've ever been touched from the heavens, think again.

The last time you lost your keys - ask yourself why was the last place you looked and found them somewhere you never would have put them in the first place? How did they get there? Why did you even look?

Guessing who's on the other end of the phone - remember the moment right before the phone rang, you thought of your mother and it turned out she was the caller? What made you think of her?

How about the inner voice suggesting you may be driving too fast and should slow down? Moments later, blue lights dance and a siren blares. You should have listened right?

If God and his angels can speak to you concerning such small issues, can you imagine what you could accomplish if you only allow yourself to listen a little closer? It's hard to let go of your control and take guidance from the unknown, but really what do you have to lose?

Take a moment out of your day. Find a comfortable, quiet spot, clear your mind, and listen. You may be surprised by what you might learn from the angels above. They are also available for requests.

What experiences have you had with messages from angels?

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