Thursday, June 28, 2012

Connecting to Tarot through Story - Four of Wands

A picture is worth a thousand words. What better way to connect to the tarot than to spin a story from the image and meanings?

The traditional meaning of the four of wands is of rest and celebration. The Rider-Waite card shows a scene of dancing and festivities. The Crystal Visions Tarot image is somewhat different.

A woman arrives on horseback. A man awaits her arrival. Wands are ablaze. Bubbles, who doesn't love bubbles? The lovely pink sky makes me think love is in the air.

Is the woman out for a horseback stroll? Or is there a party awaiting her arrival?

What's being celebrated? A season? A wedding? A victory? Or, is the gathering more casual, a gathering of friends and neighbors?

What story do you see in the four of wands?

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