Thursday, July 19, 2012

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Step Two - Description

In step two of our journey, we are to describe the card, literally and objectively. In this process, we are not to attach any meaning or interpretations of the card.

“When a card’s landscape is precisely described, it opens a doorway into a world suffused with sensory experience.”

Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011

Activity 2-1: Step One – Describe your chosen card as completely as you can with no meanings or interpretations. This can be spoken aloud and recorded, or written into your journal. Mary Greer suggests two minutes for oral descriptions and five minutes for writing.

A woman stands with her arms crossed in front of her. She holds a sword in each hand. A white feather covers her eyes. She wears a pink dress, armored sleeves, and a belt of what looks to be knives. Her long brown hair cascades down to her hips. She wears a necklace, triangle in shape and some sort of pink stone. Two ravens fly above her. The sun peeks out of a cloudy sky, touching the top of her pink wings, reflecting off the swords’ blades, and casting the woman’s shadow and a bird’s shadow onto the ground.

Activity 2:1: Step Two – Repeat your description, but change to first person, present tense.

I am standing with my arms crossed, holding a sword in each hand. A white feather covers my eyes. I’m wearing a pink dress, armored sleeves, a belt of knives, and a pink triangle stone necklace. My brown hair cascades down my back and ends at my hips. Two ravens fly above. The sun peeks out of a cloud-filled sky, touching my pink wings, reflecting off my blades, and casting my shadow, along with the bird’s, across the ground.

Wow, for a moment, I stood where she stood and felt the sun touching my ‘wings’.

Were you able to stay objective during your description? Did interpretation seep in? If so, simply as yourself why?

For instance: ‘She’s protecting herself,’ would be an interpretation. By asking yourself why you think this, ‘She’s crossing her arms before her,’ you will get the clear, objective description.

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