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21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Step 12 - Modification

21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card
Mary K. Greer
In step twelve of our journey, we explore how various factors interact to modify the cards meanings.

Main Factors: Elements within the card itself, question or issue, spread position, and the individual circumstances.

Two Additional Factors: Stance (upright or reversed) and interaction among cards.

The author goes on to explore and give examples of the different factors and possible spread positions.

Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011  
Activity 12:1 - Using the 8 of Wands, give the possible responses to the following positions -  (1-3). How would you modify its meaning in response to the questions and positions - (4-5)?

  1. Recent past - You have been in a hurry to achieve something, to move forward.
  2. An obstacle - You are going too fast, the task needs more thought, more preparation.
  3. Your strength - Once you get your sights on something, you go full force toward obtaining or achieving it.
  4. Question: What is my purpose in life? Position: The best that can be achieved. - You are quick on your feet and will accomplish plenty as long as you keep going forward, making progress.
  5. Question: What do I need to know about buying this house? Position: My fears. - Your fear is that you may be moving too fast toward the purchase.
Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011  

Activity 12:2 - Using your chosen card in answer to your the original question, "What do I most need to look at in my life right now?" turn the response into a question. Pick three spread positions and interpret your chosen card from these new perspectives.

What do I need to do to allow myself to make a choice and move forward?

  • Fears - You fear what may happen if you make a move toward change.
  • Strengths - You are patient and able to stand still in a difficult situation.
  • Advice - Stand still, remain calm, and take your time with making a decision.

Activity 12:3 - Using your chosen card in the position of Issue or Situation, create two additional positions to help clarify the question. Select two more cards and interpret. How do the new cards offer insight to the chosen card?

Question: What do I most need to look at in my life right now?
Positions: Issue/situation, Source, Advice

  • Issue/situation - Two of Swords - You are avoiding a situation, choosing to make no choice at this time.
  • Source - 5 Emperor - The source of your position comes from your need to be in control and to have order. You'd rather not rock the boat or be a rebel in the situation, better to just continue as is.
  • Advice - 10 of Wands - This situation is more of a burden than you may realize, perhaps more than you can bear. It's time to ask for help, let someone else shoulder some of your responsibilities.

Artwork © Jennifer Galasso, 2011 

Need some extra help on using reverse cards? Mary K. Greer goes into detail in this step, in The Way of the Adept section.


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