Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Artist's Way meets the Tarot - Recovering a Sense of Identity

the Artist's Way
Julia Cameron
Obviously, we are beyond keeping up with a weekly schedule, but if you are following along, this is the beginning of the second week.

Recovering a Sense of Identity

It is urgent to find boundaries in your life. In my opinion this goes for all, whether you are following a creative venture or struggling through daily life. Often our identity gets wrapped up in the needs and dramas of others surrounding us, and we sometimes lose ourselves and who we are.

Self-doubt can quickly turn into self-sabotage. A little voice speaks, "You can't do that.", "Who are you trying to kid, you have no talent.", "Only lucky people can find success." The little voice will go on and on until you successfully find a way to put a stop to it. And, don't fool yourself, if you don't face it head on, the voice will win, because it comes from a deeper place than your conscious mind.

So, how can you win?

Recognition and acknowledgment are the first steps to survival of the mean-spirited saboteur. The words are not true. They are a mechanism to control you from stepping beyond your comfort zone. It is rather easy to prove it wrong, by just trying - one step at a time.

Another method is affirmations. By simply putting a positive spin on those negative words, you can both create your own affirmations and begin ridding yourself of that pesky voice. For example, "You can't read the tarot cards. Who do you think you are some type of tarot reader?" First of all, anyone can read tarot cards and with practice anyone can do a great job at it. So turn those negative words into, "I am a skilled tarot reader, and with each day I become better."

Tarot Dude offers a Tarot Task

Take out your tarot deck. Explore the following questions, pulling one card for each.

3 of Wands - Rider-Waite
How do I sabotage or attack my own work?

As I look upon the 3 of Wands, I think of looking into the future or on distant lands. There's a destiny, and it's right over the horizon, right at the tip of your fingertips.

So, how does this relate to the question? Perhaps the card tells me that by looking too far ahead, setting my goals too high, I am sabotaging my progress.

4 of Wands - Rider-Waite 
Why do I do this?

Looking at the 3 of Wands, I think of a celebration, a resting moment, and a timeout from hard work. In one's life there has to be some playtime after a long day's work.

In relating to the question? By setting such high goals, I don't leave time for this break. I stay busy working toward my pie in the sky. Without downtime, I am, without realizing it, sabotaging myself from truly achieving what I'm after, happiness.

6 of Pentacles - Rider-Waite 
What first step can I take to move away from this behavior?

The 6 of Pentacles makes me think of give and take. It has a sense of 'getting what you deserve.' If you open your heart to others and give them what is most precious to you, you are also opening your heart to receive from those you have given to. Now this doesn't mean give away your best pair of shoes and expect an expensive bike in return. No, the giving must be done without thought of what you get back.

In relating to the question? The first step away from sabotage is to give to others. Take a moment to look around and see who I could help with my gifts and by doing this I will release any pressures for achievements. Without the pressure, goals will be achieved at a more natural pace, and therefore I will follow through on my dreams and be happy while doing so.

Tarot Dude offers an Artist's Way Task

List 20 things you enjoy doing. When was the last time you did each? Put a date beside each. If it's been so long you can't remember, feel free to put 'Forever'. Sometimes life gets away from us, and we forget to enjoy life. This list is a great source to pull from for your artist's date. (I've placed my top five here for your viewing.)

  1. getting lost in a book
  2. horseback riding
  3. boat riding
  4. 4-wheeler riding
  5. camping
The timing on all of these would be 'Forever', except the first one, getting lost in a book. As a writer, reading is a part of my schedule. But, truly get lost in a book - haven't done that in a couple of months.

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Carol said...

Perfect reading for me this morning. Exactly what I have been working on over the course of a few months. This spread is wonderful and will use it today and incorporate it into my meditation session. Thanks for sharing it.

Love your site :)))

Cher Green said...

Carol, glad you enjoyed the reading, the spread and the blog. It's always good to hear a reader gained something from one of my posts. Have a wonderful day.

IDEALIST said...

my 1st card was judgment, 2nd three of wands and the 3rd card was the world...Interesting!

Cher Green said...

That is interesting. Just at a glance, it looks like you may have completed your goals and are resisting seeking new direction. I added your numeral qualities and got 8 - Strength, suggesting you need to look for your inner strength to guide you. Again, just at a quick glance.

I hadn't added mine together. I got 4 - Emperor, guess I might need to take charge of my future, rather than waiting around for it to happen.