Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Artist's Way meets the Tarot - Anger

the Artist's Way
Julia Cameron
Week Three - Recovering a Sense of Power

As we move into week three, we look at using anger to move us forward in our goals. Through life, we are taught to suppress anger, but Julia suggests using it as a fuel. Recognize your anger and put it to use.

Tarot Dude takes a look at the five of swords.

5 of Swords

Here you can see anger from both sides. You have the two victims turning the other cheek, and the bully taking what he wants. Who would you rather be?

As nice people, we steer away from anger, drive it deep down, avoid situations which could lead to a fight. But, sometimes it's better to stand your ground. And when it comes to your creativity and your goals in life, it's time to take a stand against others and against yourself.

You are your biggest enemy when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Through procrastination, self-doubt, avoiding the challenge, and so many other ways, you successfully deny yourself your dreams. It's time to get angry and take control.

Knight of Swords
Tarot Dude offers a Tarot Task

Use the energy of the Knight of Swords - Feel his anger at your lack of persistence, at your inability to follow through, and at your failure to take those tiny steps forward. Become the Knight, sword raised high, charge forward, and change - take control of your destiny.

Take a close look at your life. Are there things you push aside to another day? Do you scatter your energies so thin nothing gets done? Do you allow yourself to be victimized by others, letting them pull you away from your goals?

Meditate upon the Knight. Feel the anger, the betrayal, the need to charge forward. Start a journal and make entries of your experiences. Set yourself in motion, charge toward your dreams, your goals.

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